Cuomo Signs Executive Order Against Companies That Support Israeli Boycott

Indeed. Considering the amount of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric that continues to come from the progressive movement worldwide as well as the White House, this is remarkably surprising.

OTOH, while I completely support the sentiments, I don’t believe it is the function of government to use its power to coerce companies and individuals to accept a particular political POV, even one I am in favor of. IOW, even when Cuomo comes to the right position, he can’t seem to help but rely on progressive authoritarian tactics to enforce it.


An admission that the left is at the very least anti-Israel and in many cases downright anti-Semitic?

I’m a supporter of Israel but this is a disgusting act by Cuomo and it sets a terrible precedent. Those applauding it should reconsider.

The governor is using his public office as a political weapon. I don’t support the BDS movement, I think it’s absurd and full of hypocrites, but citizens have a right in this country to participate in this sort of political activity and when an arm of the state starts determining who it does business with based solely on their political opinions we are in for a world of trouble.

What happens when New York does something like withdraw state business from supporters of traditional marriage movements? The principle is essentially the same. Cuomo is withdrawing state business from people whose political opinions he disagrees with.


This conservative says two things:

  1. Kudo’s to Cuomo for supporting Israel. Yes, there is some moral ambiguity about how the borders of Zion was carved out of a borderless multi-ethnic area by a group of bureaucrats at the UN, but that’s how things were done at that time. Israel wants to have peace with their neighbors, but it’s difficult to have peace when someone keeps attacking you.

  2. I disagree with the use of government to boycott any individual US businesses, whether it is NY boycotting US businesses who support those who attack Israel or cities like NY who say that Chick-fil-A isn’t welcome there.

But not with the mental contortions of the GOP standard bearer Trump, which defies explanation !

No. Just an observation about the Lemming type behavior of conservatives who, like Trump, will say black if a Democrat says white. But thank you for reaffirming my thoughts

I completely oppose the government trying to punish private businesses for not conforming to its approved political ideology. I don’t see how anyone could support this, even if you also oppose the boycotting of Israel, which I do too.

And thank you for reaffirming our thoughts.

I wonder what the real effect of this is going to be. I mean the state has to first go out and compile a list of the offending companies and then develop a system to that the state does not do business with those companies. Seems like a lot of work for little benefit.

Nobody confirmed your thoughts. Conservatives on average are very supportive of the liberal doing the right thing.
Even some people who don’t think that government ought to be used this way commended Cuomo for making this kind of statement.

Cuomo is catering to the downstate demographic. Let’s not overlook the obvious.

Sounds reasonable to me.

There is a good possibility that this is nothing but political posturing. Illinois has a similar list and I think there are 11 companies, most of them foreign and I am not sure that there are any the state is likely to do business with. But it seems that those issues are less important than making a political statement.

=xNoOnex;13949657]I’m not entirely sold on the idea that Israel is a “lesser evil”. Compare to militant Islam, certainly, but the conflict between Israel and Palestine is a different animal and failing to address the anger and concerns of the Palestinians people will only breed more Islamic terror. Most people who join terrorist cells aren’t doing it because they want to spread violence and death for its own sake. They do it, because the leaders of these sects are promising them freedom.

Freedom from whom or what? Israel? Over the last couple of decades, Israel has offered land for peace on numerous occasions. It is the Palestinians who have time and again turned their backs on peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in support of giving full support to Palestine, either. We need to broker peace between the two of them.

A brokered peace cannot happen until the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist in peace within secure borders. They do not now, nor have they ever recognized this right of the Israeli state. Israel, OTOH, has made it clear they are open to a two state solution.
It is not a matter of the lesser of two evils at all.

Criminalizing a company’s right to not do business with a foreign nation doesn’t seem like a way to do that, however.

Well, it certainly isn’t the way it is supposed to be done in America.


Hello Meltzerboy,


I just decided to boycott anything made in New York because they are boycotting companies that support BDS.

Wait a minute… That is ridiculous because surely Cuomo’s actions do not involve all New York companies, only those that support BDS.

And thinking that further, the BDS movement only involves boycotting companies that profit from discriminatory actions such as settlements, which are in many eyes unjust.

So, I think that instead it may be more accurate to boycott companies that are unjust. And now, Cuomo has decided that in the settlement issue Israel has the more just side?

Sorry, Cuomo, most humans think differently. There is understandable justice to be seen on both sides. History is going to show that this move on his part is not different than those who criticized the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

I agree with you, though, meltzerboy, criticism of Israel’s policies can be a cover for anti-semitism. However, the Jewish Voice for Peace promotes BDS, and they are not anti-Semitic. Everyone I know who promotes BDS love Jewish people, but truly see the settlements as an injustice.

Others are also critical of Cuomo, comparing him to McCarthy:

“Whenever the government creates a blacklist based on political views it raises serious First Amendment concerns and this is no exception,” NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman told Salon."

Did you know that Airbnb operates in the settlements now? So, visitors can come, but the people whose land was confiscated for those settlements may not have homes there.

Well, maybe if they convert to Judaism? I’m not sure how that works. Do you know?

God Bless your day. :slight_smile:

Isn’t this interfering with foreign policy a function of the federal government? When states tried to help enforce the actual federal law regarding immigration they were prohibited by the courts. I don’t see how a state can make a decision regarding foreign policy but I imagine the black robes will carve out an exception here. Cuomo is terrible and as a statist loves boycotting business which actually produces something people want.

Israel is founded as a racial and or religious state. It was brought forth using terrorism against the then natives and government. Somehow the US has to support it when it is founded on principles that are illegal in our own country. We can’t support a White or Christian homeland. To even mention the idea would be political and business suicide.


Yes, Israel was brought forth through some violence, and so was the U.S.

State governments can make some foreign policy statements, as it is their right to do so, but the more I think about Cuomo’s decision, the more ridiculous and offensive I think it is.

Think about it: those businesses he plans to boycott are tax-payers (hopefully). Since when does the government take action against tax-paying citizens because of their own legal, justified practices? If BDS support was illegal, that would be another issue. (I am certain that many people want it to be so.)

You may be a little hard on Cuomo, though, he is not “terrible” IMO. After all, he does have the support of the settlements in mind, and settlers are people too. He has a right to his opinion, but the way he is going about making change is wrong.

Hi xNoOnex,

I appreciate your ability to see both sides of the issue. I would like to make a correction, though. BDS does not support a blanket approach to avoiding doing business with Israeli companies. BDS does support boycotting companies that profit from continued persecution of Palestinians and land confiscation/construction of settlements.

Examples: ReMax sells settlement real estate. Caterpillar sells equipment for home demolitions. HP and Motorola sell military equipment to the Israelis, used in oppression.

It is my understanding that there are many Israeli companies that do not agree with the settlements, so it would be maligned to boycott them or to simply boycott everything coming from Israel.

Thanks for your input!

I think it’s time to boycott New York products.

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