+Cupich: "Quite frankly, they also don't like him (Francis) because he's a Latino"


Wow. So a bishop has now called people who don’t like the sex abuse scandals racists. Racism is the real problem? This is of course a terrible calumny.

Pope Francis Must Resign: Archbishop Vigano

So more confirmations conitue to be reported about details of Vigano’s letter and the US Bishops wants a meeting with the Pope and a full investigation and more bishops continue to say the letter is credible, the folks who want it to go away can only come up with this.


Add that to the list of ridiculous (and wrong) things Cardinal Blaise Cupich has said. It’s a very long list.

Yes, it seems like a great idea to go on NBC and confirm that in addition to suspecting catholics are perverts and pedophiles, folks can now believe we’re also a bunch of anti-Latino racists.


I ripped this off twitter, but: Pope Francis’s father’s birthplace is an hour and a half away from Archbishop Viganò’s hometown.

By all means I will wait for all the facts but throwing this kind of accusation around is ridiculous.


My family is Latin American. My husband has always pointed out that he thinks of Pope Francis as Italian and not Latino. This is as crazy as it gets


Your post title says it’s people who don’t like Pope Francis. Does anybody “like” the abuse crisis?


Satan likes the abuse scandal. Some of us might like the excitement of it. Some might like to see the Church and prelates be dishonored. Man is wicked.


Nonetheless, did Cardinal Cupich really say that “people who don’t like the sex abuse scandals” are racist?


Not directly. But he says the Church has a bigger agenda and that this ‘rabbit hole’ (the charges regarding the sex scandal) are motivated by racism.


Then why such a stupid and foolish statement that this is racist?

I was going to use an analogy of something that does fall from the sky, bird “caca”, but that would be too easy!


So your original post was not accurate. Thank you.


So what is your interpretation of his words, specifically regarding the charge that people are racist and this motivates them?


quick, catch those loose roos, lets plug the leaking kangaroo court!


He was really quite sarcastic, "the Pope has a bigger agenda with climate change and illegal immigrants’

so that tells us what he really thinks about his Pope

I think this Priest was saying, lets sack Rome and banish the Pope, in a very passive way.


I think he said migrants, not illegal immigrants, but I can’t stomach another look at that ridiculous video again.


yes, the audio was quite dodgy.

love your ID !


I watched it more than once. There is no question about the fact that he is speaking in absolute seriousness. Whether or not he truly believes what he is saying…shrug


That “priest” is a cardinal and the Archbishop of Chicago. He was being serious. He is very much a supporter of Pope Francis. And he thinks the environment is more important to address than the current crisis (which he calls a “rabbit hole”). It’s quite disturbing to me


The real “rabbit hole” is the one down which homosexualists want to drag the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.



I remember when Kevin Spacey (the actor) was accused of molesting and he came out as gay in an effort to score enough politically correct points to avoid the first charge.

Our church must be better than the deviancy and superficiality of the politically correct religion.

Again i would like to hear our pope speak candidly on this. It is fair enough he takes some time to gather all of the necessary information, but i will be bitterly disappointed if this charge is not responded to with complete candidness and transparency.

I wish our pope to be an honourable man. I believe our pope to be an honourable man. I trust and pray he will honour his flock and respond to the charges made.

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