Curb your enthusiasm Oct 25th episode

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I logged on to to find out what people thought of the recent “curb your enthusiasm” episode. I have not seen any posts, so either I’m looking in the wrong place, or its not being discussed. I would love some opinions on this.

I find a lot of CYE very funny. It frequently crosses into crude, but I have to say, I do enjoy the life observations.

In the episode which just aired (for those who have not seen it and without going into too much gross detail) Larry got medication for a problem which helped out his plumbing.

The storyline ends up with him in a womans house, using the bathroom.
There is a picture of our lord and Saviour next to the toilet.
Larry causes some splash back (apologies for the graphic) which ends up on the picture.
The family notice this later and believe it to be a weeping picture that they want to tour the country with.

At the time, I was not really comfortable with it, but was thinking more of the thought of having such a picture in the bathroom of the house.

However, thinking more on it today, it did concern me a lot more.
I would love to know peoples thoughts, or if this is already covered in another thread, let me know.

Many thanks and God Bless to everyone

I did not see it, but then again, no Christian should be watching any of those shows on HBO. Those series such as CYE, Entourage, and many others unnamed are just horrible. It took a long time for me to get away from that channel, but when i did, man did Christ become more relevant in my life. Do not let those shows be a veil between you and Christ. Use that 30 minutes you usually watch that show for fellowship with Christ or for devotion time. I guarantee your spiritual life will be rewarded.

With God’s Love

I use to like CYE. Espeacially the early episodes. I’ve only started to watch it again this year. As the show is on a free to air station here in Australia. The show seems a little tired this year though. The only laughs i’ve gotten from it was the one where. He didn’t want to go to a party so he use to turn up the next night annoucing he is here for the party. Only to act “dissapointed” when he was told that the party was the previous night.
I was feeling excited when they where doing their sienfeld reunion episodes. But it was a let down as well. Maybe unlike Jerry. he should have quit while he was still funny.

This was my first thought as well before the incident occurred. I thought it was not believable that IF someone who was devout had a picture of Jesus in the bathroom, I would HOPE that it would not be right above the toilet…

Once the incident happened I thought it was really too much and pathetic that they think they have to do this sort of thing to get laughs.

There is an article on Fox News about it and Bill Donohue from Catholic League brought up the point that I always have to ask about this sort of anti-Christian/anti-Catholic thing: if you did something like this about a Jewish or Muslim subject you would never hear the end of it. It’s the last form of bigotry that is accepted by the population.

Really disappointing as I like much of the show (aside from the crassness of it) and I would really think someone who is Jewish (Larry David) would have more respect of others’ religions or at least not mock another religion.

I barely watch any TV as it is – guess I may be watching even less…

*I watch this show, I find it funny. I thought that episode was tacky, however.

txrich, your thoughts are intriguing.*

An incredibly not funny show. I think bland would best describe it. And no surprise about a picture of Jesus in the bathroom.


Larry has mocked a few other religions before, including his own (albeit more subtly than in the episode in question, “Midriff”).

All thanks so much for your comments and thoughts.

Txrich, I would tend to agree with you on HBO,
there is so much offensive stuff on there, that nixing the channel is on the cards.

My wife watches things like Entourage, Big Love and shows of the like.
The holy spirit moves me so much during these shows, that he picks me up and puts me in another room. I refuse to be in the same room when these things are playing.

CYE was probably the only one we watched together , but I agree, I think thats it for that show.
I recall another show where he made fun of traditional Judaism, and again, felt uncomfortable with that also.

I have however, been moved by other HBO shows, one that jumps to mind was Band of Brothers,
But again, having to wade through all the crass offensive tripe for one pearl is not a good endeavour, and may be worthwhile picking up on Netflix later

Many thanks and God bless you all!

:thumbsup: HAHAHHA! YES AMEN!

John Randall Sachs in his wonderful little book, The Christian View of Humanity, speaks to one of the most distorted of secular images of the Biblical, human beings in the likeness or image of God and the relationship between man and woman.

I have taken to referring to “the diabolists in our midst” and how they live their lives and conduct themselves and what the consequences of believing in “science and progress,” “oneself” or one’s “sexual orientation,” and that terrible claptrap diabolists refer to when they say “Freedom” — what these things actually mean for the human.

A lot of it comes from a fundamental misreading of Genesis which Sachs relates here:

My comments on “diabolists” come from a GK Chesterton story he relates in his autobiography here:

In Christ,


I dont understand why catholics/christians dont get more angry over this sort of thing-i for one am mad about it and I dont even watch the show

If it was a koran you bet it would have been big news.

I found it was incredibly funny. Not because he accidentally pee’d on the picture of Jesus. But because I could see myself doing something like that. Who puts a picture of Jesus so close to the toilet bowl anyway? It was funny to me because what would you do if that happened to you?

Catholics are always accused of idol worship and allowing pictures and statues become more important than actual God. And that’s exactly what these people did, start worshiping the picture because they thought it was crying.

This was a tough one for me. There was an episode where he thinks he’s adopted and meets who he thinks are his real parents. I didn’t think he made fun of the small-town Catholic couple and the small town folk, but I have a vague notion of what they do laugh at in Hollywood–devout Christianity, in general, with Orthodox Judaism and Islam by extension, so maybe I’m dense. There was an episode where he and his show’s wife chuckle later about a host’s wanting to pray as Catholics before a meal. I’m thus, confused about the motive behind the Jesus painting stain. His character didn’t mean it to have happened and he lacks the character to mention his accident, but Jerry and he seemed pretty cavalier about the secretary’s feelings when she called him out at the end. Larry and his buddies might find it funny beyond a comedy of errors and a life situations commentary, as most of his episodes are made to be, but I don’t really know for sure. I forgot about eating the baby Jesus cookie as part of a display. Maybe I’m too much amused by the cleaner humor throughout the series to definitely recognize intentional ill will in the episode. We really should only watch what we’d invite the Virgin Mary or Jesus to watch with us. It’s easy to feel too difficult to maintain, but you really do feel better–like enjoying the antics of squirrels, for example…

I saw a clip of it from another forum, and I couldn’t finish watching the whole thing. It was just too despicable, and not a bit funny.

NEW blasphemy breaks barriers of horror on HBO show**s hocker:

**You may not have heard, but on the HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David urinates on a picture of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
I know this is simply beyond the pale. But you and I cannot hide in a cave and make believe this type of blasphemy is not happening, or simply wish it away. More…

According to press reports, in the show, while in a Catholic home, Larry David visits the men’s room and dirties a picture of Jesus in the process.

**Next, a Catholic woman uses the restroom. She sees the wet picture and thinks it is a miracle: the picture has shed tears. Impressed, she calls her mother and shows her the picture. Both mother and daughter fall in prayer to their knees. **

In another vulgar moment, when asked if he had ever seen a miracle, David answers, “every erection is a miracle.”

****Take Action ****
- Join America Needs Fatima in a national Rosary of Reparation on Friday, November 13 at 7PM EST. Take the Rosary pledge here.

- Pass this message on to your friends. It’s urgent that more Catholics wake up and stand up to those who attack Our Lord and Our Lady with vile insults and impure blasphemy.

Thank you for defending Our Lord Jesus Christ when so many Catholics hide in the comfort-zone and refuse to speak out for what is pure, true and sacred.
Sincerely in Jesu et Maria Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima
P.S. – This new blasphemy against Our Lord on HBO, highlights the importance of doing reparation, and, especially acts of public reparation as we did at the 4,337 rosary rallies on Saturday, October 10, at noon local time all across America.
Have you seen the rosary vigil photos?
Please go here to see the photos, plus the story about the thousands of roses we delivered to Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal in your name and for your intentions.
There’s more and more blasphemy out there, but there’s also a growing tide of Catholic outrage, reparation and action as seen at the 4,337 rosary rallies that covered the country in a blanket of prayer and supernatural light last October 10!
Most importantly, the 4,337 rosary rallies point to the fact that Catholics do trust, pray and act to rush the coming of the glorious day when Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will reign in the world, as She said at Fatima:
"Finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!"
A report on the 4,337 rosary rallies can be read here. The victory is ours because Our Lady told us so. Keep up the good work and thank you!

This is so horrible I don’t know what to say… No wonder the world is in such a mess.

I hope you take action…

thank goodness I canceled my HBO subscription a few years ago… This is beyond any words I can think of.:frowning:


I’ll follow your links. Thanks.

There is a definitely a war against the Catholic Church by the modern “elites.” Can you imagine what what have happened if they did this with a picture of Muhammed? But someone it is suppose to be funny when they desecrate the One who died for our sins. Larry David is not stupid, he knows how horribly offensive this is to Christians, and most particularly, to Catholics. I wonder if the next thing we will see is someone descerating a consecrated host.

I agree with the OP, this shows the need for reparations for this poor sick world. Many, many souls are in danger.

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