Curia Resists Papal Policies, Italian Magazine Says

Rome, Jan. 19, 2007 ( - Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) has faced steady opposition within the Vatican as he seeks to implement new policies, according to an article in Italy’s Panorama magazine. The article concludes that the Holy Father is now assembling his own management team to implement his policies.

“Benedict XVI does not have a decisive temperament,” writes Ignazio Ingrao in his analysis for Panorama The Italian journalist reports that the Pontiff has faced stiff resistance in his effort to reform the Roman Curia and to broaden access to the traditional liturgy.

Here is the link to the Italian magazine article, for those who like myself can read Italian:

Thanks for Translating for us! :thumbsup:

Actually, I did not translate…the quote is from the Catholic World News article, which currently is available for subscribers only (which I am not:() so those two paragraphs are all I could get.

I’m making a summary of the Italian article right now. I’ll post it as soon as I finish.

Well it’s better than I could do! :slight_smile:


And BTW, everyone reading this should say a quick prayer for the Holy Father.
Seems he is fighting it from all sides! :gopray2:

Gratia et pax vobiscum francesco920,

Thank you for your vigilance and God Bless.

I am simply mortified that our Holy Father is being obstructed by our venerable Curia. He and them will both be in my prayers.


It’s a shame, with the Curia in opposition of the Popes move to make the TLM more accessible, any relaxing of the restrictions on the Latin Mass will be for nothing. The changes won’t be implemented without the Curia on board, please correct me if I’m wrong.

I really can’t say I’m surprised.


Can the Curia be ‘cured’?


Its a sad day when the curia stands against the Holy Father.

Hmm…I think some “house cleaning” is in order;)

Yes :smiley:

Did you read “Windswept House”?
I heard that some of that was fiction based on fact.

Where can I apply for the job “Papal Arm Twister”?

the latin mass magazine wrote about this problem a whole year ago.


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