Is it a sim to be curious about anything? I mean curiosity of nature, science, etc. If I understand correctly, this is what the Summa Theologica says.


Enjoying God’s creation should not be a sin. You might have misunderstood the text.

Please provide a link to the material so we can read it for ourselves.

If you’re referring to things like the Occult or horror, then having a particularly intense or pleasurable curiosity in them might lead to sin.

Being curious about those things merely for the sake of attaining information wouldn’t lead into sin.

What makes you think it is? What commandment does it break?

(And, no, Aquinas does not say curiosity is itself a sin).

Think logically. This sinfulness of “curiosity” is not in being curious but in *what *one is being curious about and what action one takes based on that.

Being “curious” about how a car engine works and therefore taking an auto mechanics class and being “curious” about pornography and therefore going to an XXX movie are morally different.

Remember the fonts of morality.

This sounds right. Seeking knowledge is not wrong e.g. chemistry, seeking knowledge for a bad purpose is wrong e.g. how to build a bomb.

Aquinas was awfully curious about those famous pagan Greek thinkers whose texts were preserved by Muslim intellectuals.

Sounds pretty risque by today’s standards, even.

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