Curious About RCIA (^__^)


Hey again, wonderful peeps of CAF! :heart:

So, thanks to the encouragement of everyone here (You all rock! :blush:) , and after much nervousness, I’ve made up my mind to make the call to the local St. Peter’s, tomorrow! (#DETERMINATION whoo!)

I’m kinda curious as to what this might entail, though(?)

I’m guessing that what they’ll do is suggest I go to RCIA before I attend a mass…? And if so, what are these classes like, and- well- what should I expect?

This is all pretty darn new to me, guys- and kinda weird to think about. Neither of my parents are spiritual in any way - and really, neither were my grandparents. (So it’s kind of odd that I’ve always had this yearning ache to belong to a spiritual community).

And I think, partly because of this, there’s that little voice at the back of my mind, going “You don’t belong here. They won’t WANT you here, with them.”

But, at the same time, I know these thoughts are silly! I’ve just gotta stay positive- and, as I’ve said in previous posts- just go for it!

Anywhoo~ any RCIA info ya could offer would be amazing~


It’s really not necessary to start RCIA before you attend Mass. If you 'd like to go to Mass, please go. You’ll have a chance to see what it’s like. You may even want to attend Mass at a few different parishes or at different times in the same parish to see how things might vary.

While I can understand this feeling, please believe me that no one will think you don’t belong. One thing you learn from working in RCIA is that the Holy Spirit calls people in all sorts of different ways, and it’s an awe-inspiring thing. God is inviting you into a relationship with him – that’s amazing in itself – but you’re responding to that invitation – even more amazing!

Early on you will probably be invited to a meeting with the RCIA coordinator or pastor – at least you would in my parish. Part of the idea is so that we can learn a bit about you and what has brought you to this step. But it’s also a chance to ask your questions and get straight answers.



Nervousness? Hey, it’s not a nuclear reaction that can’t be stopped! Relax and go. Relax while you are there. Relax afterward. What you learn will be illuminating to your intellect and comforting to your spirit. Don’t like it? Walk away! Our Lord allowed it, and so does His Church. I suspect you’ll hang around.


It might depend on the parish and the leader. But generally I think most people really like it. I loved it. I really clicked with the leader and a lot of people in the group. We had really deep discussions - meaning of suffering all that - high level of discourse. (Jesuits) It was a blast. I was sorry when it was over. You don’t always find ways to continue that camaraderie in the parish attending Mass.


Bless you, and thank you for the kind reply~ :blush: You’re right! This whole thing feels kinda amazing (Um, kinda scary too, but mostly amazing heehee!)

The other day one of the teachers at the local Catholic School (Bishop Flaget I think it’s called) came into the coffee shop and said, “If you don’t go to Saint Peter’s at least once, I’m going to drag you there by your ear myself!” (She’s really sweet, she’s just trying to encourage me, haha!) -So I figure I’d better check it out~ (^__^)


Giggles Good point! :relaxed:

Thank ya for the encouragement~ I have a feeling that once I go I’m gonna love it!


Do go to mass, especially if you are curious. But do nit take the Eucharist or any sacrament until after the classes.
Good luck and God bless!


FollowerChrist34- It sounds so wonderful~ that’s definitely something I’m excited about- connecting with others who want to learn more about the faith!

Kei- Thank you for the info and well wishes! :heart:


Welcome. RCIA is required before taking the sacraments during mass – all you need to know for starters aside from your local parish RCIA schedule. Don’t worry about the people, they’ll be fine. God is calling :slight_smile:


You can go to mass without going to RCIA first. Just don’t take the Eucharist. But you can get in line, go up to a priest or Eucharistic minister at communion time, with crossed hands in front of you, and they will give you a blessing.

Prayers ascending for you on your journey


Awwh~ :blush: Thank you! I’m awfully grateful for all the kindness and encouragement. I’ve had this longing to go for about a year now, and I think it’s, well, time to follow those feelings~ And you’re right- God is calling!


I think it’s awesome you’re going into RCIA! :blush: It’s an easy process. Just go to Mass and RCIA class. It’s fun.


Since you haven’t been to mass yet, here is an explanation of the mass


If you are interested here is some reading materials for quick references. Knowledge for what we believe, and why


Hello! I will do my best to help you out here.

You are welcome to go to mass every Sunday, in fact, it is better that you go to mass before and during RCIA to get familiar with your community, your priest, and the order of the mass. As others have stated, you can do everything in the mass except for going up and receiving communion. Please do NOT go up for a blessing. @FrDavid96 puts this perfectly “There are no blessings at Communion-time in the Mass. Such a thing is merely a misguided innovation that goes against everything Vatican II had to say about the Mass—that it is not something to be altered on personal whims, but that any changes to the Mass must be made through legitimate channels.”

Haha, everything is weird when it is new. God has created us to worship him so the desire to worship is completely natural although some people like atheists try to cover it up.

This little voice is in all of our heads, that voice is the devil. He does NOT want you to be holy, to become baptized, to love Christ, and to go to heaven. He knows he will burn in hell forever and wants to take as many people down there as he can. Us Catholics are very welcoming and love when we see a new face in mass. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want! Literally, the more questions the better, try to fill up your brain.

RCIA is great and will educate you about the faith and make you familiar with your church community. I suggest buying a miraculous medal online from this link. This is the best and cheapest one I could find and it is free with a $5 donation which I can assure you will be spent on providing more miraculous medals for others. In addition to the free medal, you will also get a brochure on how to use the medal, its history, and more. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is important in your faith journey.

Here’s a tip: saint medals, scapulars, and crucifixes fall under the category of “sacramental” which is not to be confused with “sacrament”. Anyone can wear or have a “sacramental” as these are holy items which should be blessed by a priest. I got sacramentals and sacraments mixed when I was learning.

Feel free to swing by a Church near you anytime you want, you will always receive a warm welcome!

If you would like me to expand on what I have said or have questions you would like me to answer, don’t hesitate to PM me.

God bless you!


I forgot to mention Cheerful: My suggestion for your journey home is to immerse yourself in Catholicism: Go to Catholic bookstores, listen to EWTN and pray the Rosary. Make sure your rosary is blessed by a priest. When I went to RCIA, and I’m a mentor now; I wore a Saint Michael’s medal, carried a rosary ( all blessed ) and prayed the Rosary. I’ll offer, as well; that you can PM me if you have any questions.


This depends on where the OP lives.

If in the UK., the Bishops have been encouraging non-receivers to go for a blessing since the 1970s, as they say that Hoy Communion should not be a time of hurt or division.


I believe this is specifically in response to the history between Catholics and Church of England there, where some of the latter have felt hurt that they cannot take Communion in the Catholic Church. This is something unique to UK from what I have seen. In the US, sometimes the invitation for non- Catholics to come up arms crossed “for a blessing” is printed in the Missalette or bulletin, but I have never seen anyone do it. Those who are not receiving Communion just sit or kneel quietly in the pew while others go up.


I honestly love your threads! They are just overflowing with joy and positivity! All the best to you becoming a Catholic. And don’t worry about anything - everything will work out just fine :slight_smile:


I also like the positivity of these threads.

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