Curious About RCIA (^__^)


You can DEFINTELY go to Mass. Just do what the others do when they stand and kneel and sit. Except when they go to Communion you can go up and have your arms across your chest that usually let’s the priest know you want a blessing and you can’t receive Holy Communion. There are usually missals/hymnals (books) with all of the Mass readings and most Catholic Churches have the Mass cards in the pews to follow along. Just go and be there with Jesus. Oh before you enter the pew you must go down on your right knee because Jesus is in the Tabernacle and that is our way to show our love, reverence for Him Our Creator and Lord.


Or just bow of course, if kneeling is problematic.


Yes a very reverent low bow if one is incapable of genuflecting is good but not a “half-way” rushed job of it. Remember it IS Jesus you are kneeling or bowing to. Do it with love and in awe of Him who died for you and me.


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