Curious about the movie Daybreakers

Has any one seen this movie? What were your views on it?

My husband and I watched it last weekend. I thought it was pretty good and well-acted. It was a neat take on vampirism - making the vampires the “regular guys” and humans the minority. It can make you think about all sorts of other ways we imprison and use other humans for their organs/tissue/stem cells, etc…or you can just watch it as a pretty neat take-off on a vampire movie. :smiley:

I liked some of the characters’ discussion about mortality. That - in fact - immortality is not really a great thing.

Willem Dafoe was very good - always one of my favorite actors.

It is a pretty bloody movie (duh!) so I would not allow kids to watch. (Depending on their maturity level, no one under 14 to be sure.)

I wasn’t too worried about the blood…i was worried about the nudity. Is this all threw the movie or just i like one part that can be easily skiped over?

I cannot recall much nudity in this movie at all. The humans who are the “food” don’t seem to have clothing on, but the nudity there is very vague.

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