Curious about the religious life, but


I'm curious: can one become a nun or a sister and at the same time, do something like.. say..write Christian fiction?
I've been having trouble decerning what I want to do in my life. Some days I feel like I want to become a nun, and some days I daydream about having a husband and kids. I've also been planning on writing but somthing at the moment is pushing me back. I have a fervent desire to help people (that is, while being physically there with them), but I also want to help people spiritually with my stories (helping people that I can't physically reach in this lifetime).
I'm trying to find some volunteer work but I'm not a hundred percent sure that that will suffice for this strange desire I feel growing inside me...but I don't want to give up my story writing because I KNOW that it will make an impact on SOMEONE (I know that because it has made an impact on MY spiritual life).
So...any advice...or/and an answer to the question above?



Different congregations of sisters have different charisms. Some are teachers, some run hospitals, some help the poor, and some are cloistered nuns. The Daughters of St. Paul publish books.

When you find a convent that you fit well in, even if they are not all writers, you can always write in your free time. Of course, publishing becomes more a matter of obedience than desire if you are in a convent.

(Spoken as a lay person who has read books written and published by sisters, brothers, priests, and even popes.);)


The term "nun" and "sister" are two separate orders?

I thought those two words described the same thing.


I’ve known Sisters who made CD’s of music and brothers who roast coffee or bake or make peanut brittle all to support their order. Interview the Mother Superior and ask if writing a blog or childrens books or something is acceptable.


**What is the difference between a Nun and a Sister?

While both Nuns and Sisters are called "Sister," there is a distinction made in the Catholic Church which is generally not made by the public.

1. Nuns take solemn vows and are cloistered, that is, they reside, pray and work within the confines of a monastery.

2. Sisters take simple vows and live a life governed by the particular mission, vision, and charism of the respective Orders or Congregations of Sisters. Sisters embrace ministries that take them out to serve the people in hospitals, schools, parishes, social services, and the like.



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