curious ?


We all know where the Second Tablets of the Ten Commandments are, but what ever happened to the Original tablets that Moses broke? Has there ever been a search for them?

Like I said, just a curious question that popped into my head today.


Ummmmmmm, where are the 2nd? I didn’t know anyone knew where they were? And please don’t tell me they are in a warehouse in Washington D.C. :wink:

The first tablets are probably just a pile of rocks since they were destroyed during Moses’ little tantrum.


Last I heard they were in the Ark of the Covenant, which was in a big crate in a warehouse somewhere in Washington D.C. LOL Maybe we’ll find out more when Indy Jones 4 comes out next year!

In all seriousness, the Ark of the Covenant disappeared a long time ago. There are rumors that it may be in a Coptic Christian church in Addis Abiba in Ethiopia.


According to John, isn’t the Ark in Heaven?


I don’t. Where are they?


As is the true Temple (Rev 11:19).

But was not the earthly Temple a copy of the heavenly Temple?

What can we conclude about the Ark in heaven from this?


P.S. For people who are familiar with Scott Hahn’s writings, since he identifies the Ark with Mary, the Ark is indeed in heaven!


Ok Ok,maybe some question where the Ark is including its contents, but this is more in reference to the original tablets distroyed by Moses.

Fragments of stone tablets are always being found at digs, so I was just wondering if any of the tables have been found.


Well, since archaeologist aren’t sure where Mt. Horeb is, it’s pretty safe to assume they have found any of these fragments.

Find the fragments and you’ve found Mt. Horeb.


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