Curiousity: Why aren't the Catholic Cardinals supporting the Pope's position?


Almost a more than a week, why aren’t the Catholic Cardinals speaking out in support of the Pope Benedict XVI? The only one who support the Pope openly is an Non-Catholic bishop from the Anglican church.

Do we, as lay men and women have to write to our cardinals to speak out openly about the Pope’s position.

I thought about it after listening to Catholic Answers Live Radio on PODCAST.


The bishops and cardinals ahve not supported much coming from Rome in ages. This is no different. The Church is in de-facto schism. You don’t even want to know what goes on in my diocese.

I think the liberlas see this as a way of weakening the Pope - thought, truth to tell, he has done no more to practically enforce orthodoxy that John Paul did. Why I’m teetering on “crossing the Atlantic” to Orthodoxy.


I’m pretty sure that the George Cardinal Pell of Sydney came out in strong support, iirc.




God bless Cardinal Pell :thumbsup: … we are lucky to have him here in Sydney. And yes he did - I think there’s a thread on it round here somewhere.


I have not heard anything from the Cardinal in NY or PA about supporting the Pope’s position.


He made a statement to the Australian media -


Date: 2006-09-17

Archbishop of Yangon Defends Pope

Said Violence and Islam Cannot Co-exist

YANGON, Myanmar, SEPT. 17, 2006 ( Religion cannot justify violence is the message Benedict XVI communicated in his comments on Islam during his trip to Bavaria, says the archbishop of Yangon.

Archbishop Charles Bo of Yangon said in comments to ZENIT that he is “sad to hear the misunderstandings of our brother Muslims” regarding the statements the Holy Father made Tuesday at the University of Regensburg.

The archbishop continued: "Benedict XVI was making a very clear statement, that violence is not compatible with the nature of God. Violence and killing is contrary to the nature of God.

“He was very clear that God is love and love ensures and brings forth life. God is life-giving. That is the fundamental reason why such a respected and highly-acclaimed theologian like the Pope gave such a clear message in his first encyclical ‘Deus Caritas Est.’”

“The Pope was speaking in a university, where he chose to repeat that the religious dimension is necessary for all men, and that faith is fundamental to experience fullness of life,” Archbishop Bo said.

“The coldness of rationality often yields to a desacralized life – this is what he was trying to say,” he said.

“In this the Pope has fully expressed the sentiment and desire of millions of Muslims who in one way or another, say: ‘Violence and Islam cannot be related,’” he added.

The archbishop said that Benedict XVI “said that many Muslims say: ‘We are Muslims and we want to be Muslim believers in today’s world and against those who use religion to strike at others with violence. Religion cannot be the foundation of a conflict, a war, or any other kind of violence.’”

Some 4% of the population of Myanmar, a country of 47 million inhabitants, is Muslim, the majority being Buddhist.


Also from

Date: 2006-09-20

Italian Prelates Speak Up for Pope

Show of Solidarity After Flap Over Mention of Islam

ROME, SEPT. 20, 2006 ( In the wake of controversy over Benedict XVI’s mention of Islam in a university lecture, Italy’s bishops expressed support for the Pope and deplored the campaign of criticisms against him.

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the vicar of Rome, voiced that support Monday during the opening session of the Permanent Council of the Italian bishops’ conference.

The cardinal vicar warmly greeted the Holy Father, recalling that on his recent apostolic visit to Bavaria the German Pope witnessed “with extraordinary depth of reflection and with persuasive gentleness, faith in that God in whom man, his reason and freedom find their higher and authentic fulfillment.”

Cardinal Ruini, president of the bishops’ conference, continued: “In the splendid lesson at the University of Regensburg not only was he able to propose but to argue the truth, validity and timeliness of Christianity across a great theological fresco, at once historical and philosophical, capable of having the essential nexus emerge between human reason and faith in God who is ‘Logos,’ showing that this nexus is not confined to the past but opens great perspectives today to our desire to know and live a full and free life.”


The cardinal underlined that this lesson, together with the encyclical “Deus Caritas Est” and Benedict XVI’s address to the Roman Curia last Dec. 22, offer “the essential coordinates of the Pope’s message which must be meditated and assimilated in depth, now in the context of the national ecclesial congress that awaits us in Verona.”

In regard to intolerant reactions to Benedict XVI’s address in Regensburg, Cardinal Ruini said that there was “surprise and distress” that “some affirmations made in it were mistaken to the point of being interpreted as an offense against the Islamic religion and of leading to intimidating acts and indescribable threats – perhaps even to providing the pretext for the abominable killing of Sister Leonella Sgobarti in Mogadishu.”

The Pope, in fact, was proposing the fostering of “a true dialogue of cultures and religions, a dialogue of which we are in such urgent need,” as stated in the papal address itself, and as the Vatican secretary of state specified in a statement last Saturday.

“Insofar as the Italian bishops are concerned,” Cardinal Ruini, 75, said, “we express to the Pope our total closeness and solidarity and intensify our prayer for him, for the Church, for our religious liberty, for dialogue and friendship among religions and peoples.”

He added: “We deplore instead those interpretations, which are not lacking also in our country, which attribute to the Holy Father responsibilities which he absolutely does not have or errors he has not committed and which tend to attack his person and his ministry.”


More from

Date: 2006-09-17
Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor’s Statement on Islam**

“A Radical Rejection of Any Religious Motivation for Violence”

LONDON, SEPT. 17, 2006 ( Here is the statement that Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, archbishop of Westminster, has asked to be read at all Masses in his diocese Sept. 16-17.

Benedict XVI, in a lecture widely reported, was essentially appealing for a dialogue of cultures based on faith and reason. It is quite clear to me that Benedict XVI has no intention of offending the sensibilities of our Muslim brothers and sisters. The Holy Father himself has expressed his sorrow if any passage in his speech sounded offensive to Muslim believers. What clearly emerges from his lecture is a radical rejection of any religious motivation for violence.

For our part we will continue to develop good relations with the Muslim community in our country based on mutual respect and a common desire for justice and peace in our world. I myself will be standing alongside Muslim and Jewish leaders outside Downing Street this Sunday in a common witness to urge governments to do everything in their power to avert further death and destruction in Darfur in the Sudan . Please remember this intention in your prayers. Also pray for our fruitful interreligious dialogue and cooperation in the future.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor
Archbishop of Westminster


Its a bad to know about Pope is not get lot of support. This is not fair with Pope.
I am just join today this forum. I was old user of this forum. But in repairing time my account was destroyed.
See where i am live its a Islmic country too. I am a Roman Catholic and member of my parish council. Here lot of rallies appears against Pope daily. They abuse to Pope and they make a Poppets of the Pope and burn them. I am notice now a days no any Catholic Dioces ask to Gov or did any action on it. All are very calm and like afraid to Muslims. Muslims attacks and have desire to lot Catholic Churches. But no any kind of plan here any Bishop have that how to save our faith.
Here Catholic faith is showing like dead. It is very bad.
Please pray for my country Catholic leader be brave. We all Catholics those are in this country with them.


Thats exactly like where I live at moment. I guess catholic faith is not showing like dead but the vast majority (mus mus) terrorizing us and that makes the catholics’ life in fear and danger. :frowning: Its pretty much scary, once they hear you say something bad about their religion, you bet your life, body and soul in the hand of this evil cult follower. This is not a baloney. This is the fact. :rolleyes:


Yeah. I agree with you. but its not mean that we all keep quite. If our leader are with you. We can save and fight for our faith.


Read a good book on the Papacy, such as Upon This Rock by Steve Ray and then reconsider. Remember, the Truth is the Truth no matter how many people believe in it.


We dont keep quite for sure. We have tried our best to build interfaith dialouge but seems its worthless at the end. Catholic Church in Muslim country has been suffering for years. And even worse in the recent years. If you live where I live you know what I mean. Its time to tell other catholics about the real Islam not our suffers so that these our lucky brothers and sisters wont experience like we are having right at the moment.


The Bishops in this country (the majority) seem to be a rather liberal and spineless bunch (although the two usually go together…).

I’d lose control of my bowels if I saw something from the USCCB supporting the Pope and decrying the islamic extremism…


Here’s what the USCCB said:
(DANGER- MAY REQUIRE DIAPERS!) :stuck_out_tongue:

USCCB President Supports Pope’s Call for Dialogue

WASHINGTON (September 20, 2006)—Spokane Bishop William S. Skylstad, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, issued the following statement today:

“The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops enthusiastically supports the call for dialogue made by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in his audience message today, Wednesday, September 20. This call includes dialogue between the Christian faith and the modern world and between all cultures and religions.

“Given the circumstances of the last week, it is clear that dialogue is essential between Christians and Muslims, a dialogue in which we respect, in the words of the Holy Father, ‘what is sacred for others.’

“In the United States, the bishops are participating in such a dialogue. We recognize, with Pope Benedict, that Catholics and Muslims `worship the one God.’ Because of the events of the last five years, this dialogue is especially urgent so that Christians and Muslims are able to work together to promote ‘peace, liberty, social justice and moral values for the benefit of all humanity,’ as Pope Benedict has said.

“We hope that the context of the talk which the Holy Father gave last week at the University of Regensburg in Germany, in which he described the right relationship between faith and reason, will be understood fully and correctly. That is, as the Holy Father said during his Angelus of Sunday, September 17, it is a talk ‘which in its totality was and is an invitation to frank and sincere dialogue, with great mutual respect.’

“It is this attitude of the Holy Father that deserves the world’s attention rather than the centuries-old words of another which express a point of view that we cannot deny existed but which no longer motivates the authentic Christian.”


God bless you Strawberry and InJesusChrist. My prayers are with you and all Catholics who are suffering in Muslim countries.


I hadn’t caught that one…oh well, time to change my depends anyway…:eek:


Thanks Eden!

Pls pray for these three catholics as well.

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