Curmudgeons Down Under


I managed to type up 6700 words today. Break out the dung beetles!

Just 5,673 words to go for the “win.”

But I have no idea how many more words I’ll need to finish writing the story. :scream:

Time for sleep… :sleeping:



I’m not trying to catch up… :unamused::smoking:

For coffee :coffee:



Neil Diamond said of my city, “L.A.'s fine, the sun shines most of the time, and the feeling is laid back. Palm trees grow and rents are low…” That was a long time ago :angry:(1971). These days, realtors are marketing the area where I live as “Silicon Beach” since Google and other highfalutin internet companies have set up shop nearby. Rents are definitely no longer low :angry:. Many old-timers, free-spirits and hippies like me are crying, “Gentrification! We’re being priced out!” but that’s the way it goes. I was born here, and moved into my small condo 31 years ago, but I could never afford to buy or rent here now.


Well… Could be worst you could have to move to Fresno… :sweat:


Hey remember Fresno spelled sideways is No Serf. You need to import a ocean or two up there.


I think I went a little too heavy with Modge Podge but I’m hoping that will dry out over time.

Anyways it’s still a working science but I made my very own mounted icons.

St Euphrosynus is for my Priest and his family I guess in the east any good Orthodox ( Eastern Catholic) home is complete with the icon of the patron saint of cooking.

St Nicholas is the patron saint of bakers and a bunch of other causes.

My wife says if she doesn’t wear her St Nicholas medal when she bakes there’s more of a chance of her getting burned taking food out of the oven.

The large icon is for the Church and St Jerome is for me because I’m a Curmudgeon.

Thing's That Go Bump In The Night

Have you been to this place?

If I move to Fresno, it will be to create another one of these. You can help me with the digging :angry:.


These icons that you put together turned out wonderful!

You did a really great job with them! :slightly_smiling_face:


And he did it while gravely ill :mask:


That place is AWESOME!


My favorite heretical name :angry:


A little Forestry humor :angry:


No I want to see it just keep forgetting.

We also have a Armenian museum I would like to see too.


Thank you my wife said they look like 5hey were professionally done.

I’m my own worst critic. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just the one for my Priest.

The other two I felt fine.


I tend to agree with her, as I do think that you can be kind of hard on yourself!

I think that you create some really great artwork. Those icons turned out really great. If you gave me something like that that you put together, I would be so pleased to have a gift like that.

I think that it’s a true gift and talent to be able to be creative and artistic like that. We each have gifts that God gave us like that, and I think that it’s really great that you found one of yours and that you use it in this way, to make something for others. :heart:

It’s really great that you can do something creative like this, and where you can do things where you can do it where it’s creative and economical, too.

I love to do adult-themed coloring as a hobby, and I have found nice coloring books at the dollar store, and I also have found pages on-line, too.

I have also gotten my colored pencils, pens, crayons, and markers either at a discount price, at a clearance price, on sale, or at the dollar store. It can be an inexpensive hobby if you know where to look to get inexpensive supplies. :slightly_smiling_face:

You just kind of have to “be on the look out” when you’re out shopping, and to look for bargains and when you see something, to snap it up if you have a few dollars to spare.


At least you two actually Do your art work,mine’s still sitting there in my head patiently waiting…forever :weary::rage:
I think it’s afraid to move from head to paper in case I scold and criticise it ! :sushing_face:




And by the way,who wants a new old dog? My neighbors dog pulled the door open and sat on my bed,again! :weary:
I’m almost not laughing anymore :face_with_hand_over_mouth: last night the thunderstorms had him rattling at the door knocks
scratching at the doors trying to get in…:rage:


My older brother always insisted that I was a happy little accident. :blush:

(well, he may or may not have used the word “happy”)

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