Curmudgeons Down Under


I like me some sand in muh Eggo. Fills up them holes.


One Halloween I went as a Sandy Eggo. Only the engineers “got it”, so I only came in third. Boo hoo.


I dressed up as Doctor Who for a college Halloween party once. I thought I was a shoe-in for the prize. Unfortunately, a girl dressed as the Tardis won. Thankfully, she shared the candy prize with me like any good Tardis would do. :grin:


Sorry,is that from the 70’s or the 2000 somthing Dr Who’s ?


I remember being a kid, looking around the lounge room door as my big brothers watched Dr Who…those Tardis gave nightmares…:scream:


I went to a Halloween party as Barry Allen wearing my Star Labs T-shirt. I love that shirt :grin:


I went as the 12th Doctor. My hair had grown a little longer at that point (not to the extent that Matt Smith’s was but…).


You do realize there’s a joke buried in there but I ain’t touchin it. Just went to confession.


Alack. I’m slow on the uptake. Joke? Hmmmmm.


:nerd_face: Sorry to correct you, sir, but Matt Smith played the eleventh Doctor, not the twelfth. That part was played (some would say “is still being played”) by the most excellent curmudgeon Peter Capaldi.

Heh, heh. You’re welcome. :nerd_face:


Oh. Not only a world class authorette, but a Dr. Who afficiano. I still prefer Tom Baker

Edit: just noticed misspelling. That’s world class, not work class. Eeeeek.


were you the 11th Doctor?

EDIT : Never mind…

I’m on my laptop… :unamused:


I never watched Dr. Who. I couldn’t get past the creepy electronic theme music. :angry:


Haha, it does get kind of stuck in your head doesn’t it ,and what always looked like a tunnel of honey…
Now look what you’ve done,:scream_cat::rage: not a very nice lullaby is it…


Gasp! Good catch. Although I do like Peter Capaldi.


Too quiet. You guys need some nice Mudgie to get you started.

Today’s batch might be a little on the crunchy side. I included a few ground up Zygons and Daleks. It did make a nice batch. I did add a bit of Tabasco in mine, though.



Sound better than the cuppa I’m having,I guess the Tobasco would take away the aftertaste of horror,


Yeah, pretty much. You have to be careful, sometimes it takes ghost pepper sauce. That for when ghosts are added, mostly.


A ghostly cuppa,I like that…it sound kind of empty though…
like there’s nothing in the cup.I guess a dash of half and half would bring it to life,


Half way, at least :wink:

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