Curmudgeons Down Under


Still trying to figure out my mood for the day after my morning cup(of horror)
I read once if you keep making yourself smile then it becomes really felt .Mines more like a grimace after that coffee…I wonder what that mood is?:grimacing:


I got my annulment a little while ago. I’m trying to decide if I’m happy or not. Bah! :rage:


Oh my goodness ,steady on girl,:rofl:
I’m very happy for you it came through :slight_smile:


Hope you are well. Still trying to say that long prayer for us every day btw :sweat_smile:


I remember feeling that way, but then knowing I’d handed it over to those that knew rather than being sad I hadn’t tried harder or something.A weird feeling


Oh goody, thank you! Me too…I’ve read if you miss you can say that extra one on the last day.Also that you can break it up into two blocks of 15 minutes …I start to fall asleep sometimes :blush:


I got mine in 1993, and I’m STILL not happy! :angry:


Hmmm. I think y’all are beyond coffee.


This is either beer, or fermented Mellow Yellow. Not sure which.




I don’t even understand the whole theology of annulments.

Like I understand if you accidentally marry your cousin or your sister or if you’re in a dangerous and abusive relationship obviously there’s good reason for annuling those types of marriages.

I guess the struggle that I have is understanding the whole irreconcilable differences divorces because the church is so adamant that marriage cannot be terminated.

Anyways not judging I just think it’s confusing for a lot of people.


Yes it’s quite good.



Happiness is in the eye of the beholder.

I’m sure things will work out for you.


I find that if you use a lot of eye drops, you can still get it out of your eye, though.


I found this eye flusher in Tomyris old lab.

I think we can get all the happiness out this way and finish it off by an emergency shower and 72 hour decontamination period.


Sounds suspiciously like a blanket party coming up.


No that’s terrible everyone is sealed off in their own air tight rooms with low temperature to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.

You also be isolated for 72 hours straight.


Only if the coffee is piped in.


On a completely different topic, did your daughter get home ok?


Yes she’s back home.

She’s worn out and grumpy after all the steroids.

My mom also bought her a vaporizer which will also help during bad air days.


Glad she’s back.

Worn out and grumpy? For a second I thought you were talking about me.

I’ll continue to pray for her recovery.

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