Curmudgeons Down Under


What the heck kinda turkey :turkey: had three legs?!?


It’s time for the Mudgies to, just for once, “WORK TOGETHER”, and chip in for the ideal gift for our Novelist In Residence and give her just what she needs to get the final words done…

I’m sure @Gertabelle will be so grateful as to remember us when she’s famous.

So, who’s in charge of the collection?


Hey, I never said it came from only one bird.


I was but I spent it on medieval ale and haggis…

Also now I have four wives or maybe just the one and I’m seeing multiples.

They are all angry with me and anyone that has had one wife knows ones enough.

Thankfully this is Murica where Polygamy is illegal and I’m not from some weird fundamentalist branch of Mormonism…

You can thank me later for spending your hard earned cash on something noble instead of a glorified cat perch.

I think I can sell the other 3 wives for some more ale and a goat we will have a party.



Ain’t gonna happen. Given a cat and a keyboard, the cat is gonna sit ON the keyboard.


See aren’t you glad we bought booze and goat meat. :grin:


So, I try to unite the Mudgies in a good cause, and I get…

@governator is willing, but has already blown his dough.

@StephieNorthCo disses the idea.


I trust the others will be more positive. :smiley: Still looking for someone to take up the collection.


Disclaimer… not political, this is how I heard it and I’m too lazy to rework it.

Relating to trading in the 3 other wives…

President Clinton gets off the airplane carrying two fat pigs.
Aide: Whatcha got there, sir?
Clinton: these are 2 nice genuine Arkansas razor back pigs.
Aide: What are they for?
Clinton: I got this young one for Chelsea, and this nice big fat one for Hillary.
Aide: Nice trade, sir!


I’m a typical curmudgeonly Yankee😠




Three down. :angry:. This is becoming a very dissapointing response. :disappointed_relieved:

Doesn’t anyone want to help Gert finish her novel?


How hard is it to finish a novel?

Rocks fall. Everyone dies.

Sheesh. Real hard.

Now, back to my chianti :wine_glass:


Well said!


All she reallys needs is a little encouragement from her friends here, so…

Get back to work, and stop asking everyone else to finish your novel for you, @gertabelle.



Dangit. And here I thought the cat on the keyboard idea would get it finished in short order.

Ghgffhigg cdfv c I cdf vg oi6hvf4gbbh the end.


You’ve learnt your cats well.


For a large portion of my career, I maintained a lab at home and commuted 1 week work work, 1 week work at home. I KNOW cats and keyboards.


95F …:rage::sweat: brain function depleting …coffee please Stephie,
Not such good news on the political front here either :confused:


Ok. Fresh Mudgie coffee is served. You know those TV ads for improving brain function? They are made from ingredients found in Jellyfish.

I did one better. A added a couple of Jellyfish, along with the lawn trimmings.



I was wondering “where” our kitty got the bright idea about walking across the keyboards from lately, and my husband said that she started doing it on his keyboard. :roll_eyes:

So now when she comes over to visit me while I’m typing on mine, she’ll jump down on it and I’ll get whatever I end up with…

Sometimes I’m tempted to leave it up here on the forum, as one time she started a new topic that just said, “9999999.”

It was quite hilarious!

She has also ended up opening the administrative code boxes where you can type in different codes on your computers. She must hit some of the function keys and other keys on the keyboard at the same time with her paws, that I haven’t checked in order to do that, but it’s pretty funny that she’ll hit those keys and then some numbers at the same time, and the next thing that I know, I’m looking at something that shouldn’t even be up there…! :grin:


I brought the the sandworms and the spice to the Mudgies… :coffee::bug:

It may have been Tomyris, Gertabelle, Katy or Daisy who started making coffee or maybe all four the answer has been lost in time long ago…


Hey, why are my eyes turning blue?

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