Curmudgeons Down Under


Sounds like something you should discuss with your doctor.


But please, no tapeworms! :angry:


I think it has something to do with Gov’s sandworm spice, but that could be my imagination, particularly since I don’t have a Dune buggy.


Hey, how else you gonna insulate them suckers?


I have a Warthog…


Hakuna Matata


Advent starts in :four: days :grey_exclamation:


What a wonderful phrase! :musical_score:


And only three weeks of Advent. [Sob]




I’ve always wondered…
Is a Humbug related to a June Bug or a Locust?

Would a Bah Humbug be some kind of mutant sheep?



Been there. Big hugs. :heart: :heart: :heart:

If you like, I’ll write your ex into my novel and have a dragon eat him.

Let me know. :older_woman::smoking:


Well, I love it, but Athena and Artemis (the cats) have utterly rejected it. When I’m at home typing with my feet up, Artemis will lie across my legs pinning me down. The dog takes the port side, and Athena lies astern.

Their only complaint about my novel is that the dragon gets fresh meat, but they’re stuck eating dry kibbles. :rage:


Dragons fly in, pick up their favorite curmudgeon, and have a bonfire on the beach. Mudgie kebabs, yum. They wash it all down with swigs of our coffee and drop dead.

The area is declared a toxic wasteland.

Everyone else lives happily ever after.

The end.

:older_woman::smoking: Thanks for the advice.


That’s good, but it sounds like I get eaten by a dragon as well.:roll_eyes:

I know, how bout keeping me alive and turning him into something useful, such as an organic floor cleaning solution. I’ve been looking for something good here and there. Something that won’t harm the pets or toddlers and isn’t sticky.


Or the dragons who die from the Mudgie coffee can be petrified, and turn into those mo’ai statues on the beach.


Dragons you say?


I’ve petrified many dragons. They are now part of my collection :angry:


My sister collects dragons. She must have 20 or more in her room. Mostly non-Chinese versions, though. Many with Fairies.

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