Curmudgeons Down Under


Drinking the Mudgeonly Coffee. Drink up me harties Yo Ho!


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.


Of those choices, I’ll take the bottle of rum please.



We’re a motley crew for sure :slight_smile: :clown_face::lying_face::japanese_goblin::face_with_monocle::nerd_face::crazy_face::space_invader:


**Not sure who is who…


Not sure it matters


I’m the parrot for sure.


I’m the pretty one. :angry::smoking:


I’ll go for the light green one with those adorable purple bows


Don’t blame me if you get eaten by a dragon – it was 0Scarlett’s idea to kill all the characters. :rage:

How about a compromise? You and any other whiny curmudgeons out there get to BE the dragons. You go on a rampage and get rid of the non-dragon curmudgeons, as well as any annoying family members or ex-husbands/ex-wives (so long as you’re sure they’re in a state of grace).

Then the curmudgeon dragons, aided by a Koala Man, battle with giant sandworms.

In the end the dragons bring peace to the world and open their own chain of coffee shops.

The end.


That’s doable. The only problem; most of the exes are not in a state of grace. :angry:


As the resident hippie curmudgeon, I’ll be Puff the Magic Dragon (I do live by the sea, and I can be a bit of a rascal).


“Dragon! I loved that coffee and you changed it! You tricked me, dragon! No matter where you fly, no matter where you go, I will find you! Today I make a new vow! I will spend the rest of my life hunting you down!”



Any story line based on a collective effort from the Curmudgeons will fail in two places: “collective” and “effort”.


Still hurting from the response to my recent attempt to unite us in a good cause.

You lot couldn’t even spill coffee and whine at the same time.



Spill coffee? Spill coffee??

How DARE you.


Spilling both coffee and wine at the same time is a serious crime. Think about all that good liquid going to waste.


Mop it up and send I to the breakfast thread,Stephie will take care of it,and leave the bugs and dust bunnies to give it body,there’s a good man :mask:


What a great idea!


I’ll pass it on to the Mudgie Cleaning and Catering Committee.


YOU are on the Mudgie Cleaning and Catering Committee? Hmph. That explains a lot about the condition of this place.


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