Curmudgeons Down Under


Snerk, I just came from that thread.
But I only lurked, I didn’t participate


I carefully extracted the koalo poop from my coffee before drinking it. That made all the difference.

Nice brew!


Meanwhile, in Australia, there’s a cricket “test match” happening right here in Adelaide, with our old arch-rivals England. It’s going into day 5 today, and is tightly poised. England is batting to win the match.

In recent years, Australia have developed a habit of inflicting crushing wins when they do win, but losing the tight ones. Today will be interesting.




Wally Gator?



Ahhhh. Tick tock. Remember, never smile at a crocodile.

Behold! Croconana!



That is just too cute!! :heart: :grin:!


That is cute. I should get one as a Christmas present for my sister.


And this, kiddies, is why we Just Say No to GMOs


Happy St. Nicholas Day!

st nick


Ho ho ho.
Hey, someone threw a bunch of coins into my room. Do you suppose?
Nah. Couldn’t be. Could it?


No… Not the :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

Not the :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:




I’m a :vampire:
I’m a :vampire:
I’m a :vampire:
I’m a :vampire:
I’m a :vampire:
I’m a :vampire:


Put the :rabbit2: back in the :package:


Did you know St Nicholas only had one eye?

It was gouged out during his time in prison under the Diocletian persecution.

Edit: I read this off a forum a couple years ago and can’t seem to find it or other evidence substantiating this story however many of the Nicean Father’s did have scars, missing limbs, and eyes.

Not only did he punch heretics blaspheming Christ and defend orthodoxy he also suffered for Christ.


Learn something new every day. Didn’t know St. Nick only had one eye. Fr. Thomas Loya a a bit of a story on him on the Light of the East program last Sunday, though. EWTN has that aired every Sun AM at 8:30. Timed perfectly getting out of 7:30 Mass.


I think the eye thing might be misinformation because I can’t find any reference to it.

But his bones drip myrrh.


I think the good Father mentioned that part.


This morning’s Sepulveda Pass Fire is the closet yet. I can see it from where I live and my son lives just west of the 405 Freeway, about a mile from the fire, which is so far burning on the east side :frowning_face:

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