Curmudgeons Down Under


He’s also the patron saint of beekeepers.

Maybe Nicholas Cage should develop a devotion to him he is Catholic after all.


Here ya go.


That’s dreadful :rage: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: now I’ll have nightmares
I can’t like again :rage:


I’m not sure. The like button overflow seems to be on a different time of the day clock. Haven’t figured out how they gear those things yet, except a couple of em.


I heard from a friend that the fire went right up to the border of St Thomas Aquinas and stopped. A miracle for sure! And thank God, bc it’s a wonderful college. Glad to hear your family is safe, Christofirst.


Agreed. Initial reports on the news I was watching indicated it was a gonner. I’m so glad that was incorrect.


Thanks! Very interesting.


Good job, sticking with your resolution to post an annual Christmas meditation, while helping the family with Christmas.



A fire boundary is imperative whether it’s near a house or a city! Controlled burns and removing brush is equally important. I would deploy the National Guard now…


Yep. One burning near me now. It’s out Bonsall way. One of the guys left work to get home lives near there. Sis reports ash in Carlsbad. I’m still at work.


Thank God in Ohio we don’t have fires. Supposedly, in the southern part of the state we can. However, where I’m at we just get rain and cloud cover like Seattle. I don’t see silver linings just rain clouds :rage:


While you were all getting drunk on Mudgie Coffee, an army of Cane toads followed by a wall of fire is attacking Our Thread!! What will we do??:angry:


Sit here unfased and spite them with indifference.




Firing Full Broadside!!!


Home. It’s smoky out but otherwise ok. Looked ugly it got dark enough so it became invisible.

Where’s my coffee?


Coffee served sir. Slightly smoky. I added toad juice.


Sir? Harrumph. I may be old, but I still have SOME figure.

Otoh, thanks for the coffee. :smile:




Say the secret word, and the duck will come down and poop you a 50 dollar bill.




:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:for you all…
Do you have an evacuation plan?

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