Curmudgeons Down Under


I was going to bank off @Christofirst by making a Chia Pet based off of him but they just came out with a Bob Ross Chia Pet so kinda pointless now.


Yeah that’s about right. I think it was on an old PBS series on cats that the great line “the Egyptians worshipped them as gods, and they’ve never forgotten it” came from.


I gotta have it! QVC is calling me :crazy_face:


You get a:

And an official Mudgie High-Brow Club certificate. You no longer have to associate with the ordinary Mudgies.



I’m an Elitist now! YEY!!:face_with_monocle:


Does he shred your favorite couch and poop in your slippers?

I’ll stick to being Catholic…


That automatically makes you a cat licker, Gov.

Also a mackerel snapper, bead squeezer, pope popper. There’s probably more…


I have two of those around here.



Mustard is good on em… Mhmm… Reckon…


Thanks! I’ve increased the tracking level for notifications.

It seemed that when this new CAF started I got a lot more notifications from the Mudgie threads. I don’t know what’s changed, but hopefully a change in my settings will help.

Has @Gertabelle finished her novel yet? I’ve run out of paper for the kitty litter. :angry:


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully that will help.

I don’t know…it seems that some members have had difficulty with some of the features not working for them with the forum.

I wasn’t having any problems, then I started having problems with the auto-complete feature not working for me when you use the @ sometimes, when you type in a member’s name.

Sometimes it seems to work, and then sometimes it doesn’t seem to know the user’s name.


I am soooooooooooo tired…

:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:




Yep. Me too. Sometimes auto-complete works on user’s names, and sometimes it doesn’t. BTW, as a computer programmer, I want to add that these things are really hard, especially over an internet connection, so I never expect too much. :slight_smile:


Now I see why you started this thread, @Governator . You’ve already spent some time Down Under, and you appear quite happy to be there.


I didn’t know Malcolm and Angus’ older brother George Young was in the Easybeats. That’s another musical family dynasty, like the Brothers Gibb. These days, I tell my older brother it’s a blessing we had no outstanding musical talent or the necessary drive to follow our rock and roll dreams, as we witness the too-often untimely deaths of our aging rock idols.


I have kept journals off and on since 1992, and I filled up these seven notebooks. I wonder how many words I’ve written? :thinking:


Just had to share! :smile: :smile: :smile:

The story’s nowhere near done, and I haven’t even started getting ready for mass yet (and the BISHOP will be at mass this morning!), but I am sooooo excited that I’m actually in tears.

Stupid middle-aged hormones. :older_woman::smoking:


Congrats! Winner. Be glad of the middle age hormones. My middle age hormones wore out, or haven’t kicked in yet - never sure which.


Well done, winner! :tada::fireworks:
Better a winner than a whiner! :angry:

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