Curmudgeons Down Under


There’s this great photo of the three of them, in 1973. A very musical family!

Left to right: Angus (aged 18), Malcolm (20), George (27).

Angus was a teetotaller all his life. I suspect with every passing year he more congratulates himself for that decision.


Why can’t I be both? :angry: & :sob:


Now that is a Curmudgeonly answer. Well played.


I’d like my signed copy in the post ASAP ,in time for Christmas please .I need a good story to read,
:slight_smile: how are you celebrating?


Well, for a start, here’s freshly made Mudgie coffee. You might be able to detect the unmistakable aroma of the pine needles I scooped up from the Home Depot parking lot where they are selling Christmas trees.



I celebrated by eating ice cream, and watching the Broncos on their way to another loss.

In a few minutes I’m heading out to the coffee shop to meet with other lunatics… I mean, “writers” to work on actually finishing this thing.

But I’m tired and I don’t wanna. :angry:


Now look what you’ve done, @christofirst, you’ve made the lady cry, and just as she was about to complete The greatest novel since The Pilgrim’s Progress

You, Sir, are no gentleman.




That may be, but tears do seem come pretty easily for her

I was the same way, every time I finished an electrical job.


Yeah because you didn’t die. :roll_eyes:



I’m going to make a burnt hair scented candle and name it @Christofirst :candle:


Tears of joy! You should have seen the waterworks the day I retired!


I’m gonna retire and live inside the dumpster behind Catholic Answers. Hopefully, I’ll still get WiFi…


Like Oscar the Grouch! I wonder how often they order pizza or doughnuts at Catholic Answers? The leftovers should keep you well nourished.




Bob Ross! I grew up watching him!
That ol’ Hippie


I would read this book


Catholic Answers HQ is in El Cajon, I think. I’ve often thought of driving over at lunch since that would only be 15-20 minutes from work assuming no accidents on 8. Haven’t done it yet.


When my dad was a wee lad, he lived with my grandma in San Diego from 1930 to 1937 while Grandpa was serving in the Navy.


Sandy Eggo is a fun place. In the 30s, it was way smaller than it is now.

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