Curmudgeons Go To France 🇫🇷


In accordance with Govs final wishes, his Profile was cremated and it’s ashes scattered to the Four Winds…


…except for a small portion which I added to the coffee :coffee: :blush:


I was wondering why the coffee was a little different this morning.

I thought scattering ashes was not licit. Now I wonder about Gov’s cybersoul. I will have a Novena of Masses offered in the name of the Mudgies. The lady at the Church office asked what a Mudgie was, and how do you spell it.


The Vatican hasn’t ruled on the Cremation and Scattering of Social Media Accounts yet. Best to follow ones conscience I suppose :thinking:

Aw, how thoughtful Stephie :blush:

Uh, it’s hard to explain but we’re like a cantankerous and rambling cult that parasitically exists on the underbelly of CAF…


BREAKING NEWS :globe_with_meridians:

The Vatican has ordered that flags be flown at half staff as it observes 7 days of International mourning for Governator.


Ah yes. That’s similar to what I told her. When I did, she wanted my bank account number to check my credit rating.


That’s so fittingt! :grinning:

I’ve asked them for a founding donation to “The Governator Memorial Coffee Machine Fund”.

If the donation is errrr…generous… it will be called the “The Governator-Vatican Coffee Machine”.


I witnessed a car accident on the way home today. Was waiting at a red light when a lady plowed into the car next to me, pushing that car into the car in front it. Then the car that hit the car next to me started moving toward my car. I pulled forward a bit to avoid getting hit – the light was now green, so the car ahead of me had moved on – and then I stopped.

The drivers of the two cars that had been hit got out of their cars, but the car that caused the crash was sitting there at a weird angle with the horn going. The windows seemed steamed over and I couldn’t see the driver. So I got out and ran over. The driver was an older woman who was shaken but all right. Her airbags had gone off, but the interior of the car smelled like something was burning and was filling with smoke.

I helped her out and grabbed her purse for her. The poor teenager who was driving the car that was initially hit had a split lip and was bleeding all over the place. And she was freaking out – “Look at my car! My mom is gonna kill me!” I stuck around, gave a statement to the police, and then went to the boring gym to sweat for awhile.


And earlier today, I got a text from my ex-husband telling me that his father passed away this morning. I’ve known that man since my early teens, and I got the text right as one of my classes was starting. :cry:

My son’s never been close to death (other than pets) and he loves his grandparents. I’m thinking this is gonna be hard for him. He’s with his dad tonight anyway, and my ex wanted to tell our son himself.

It’s gonna be a hard week, I think.

Prayers would be appreciated.


I’m not addicted.:unamused:

Can I have some? :drooling_face:


As I recall, it seems like a lot of the newer Lego sets had more custom pieces. Ours are mostly the old square and rectangular blocks. I’m looking at the big tub they’re in now, which is under three other big heavy tubs filled with more of my son’s old toys :angry:


The old grey bricks are highly coveted. Some time ago Lego changed the color to sort of a blue-grey hence we call the new gray ‘bley’. The castle folks don’t like it too much. i don’t like it much either. My church has used up just about every grey and dark grey brick I own.

I have a bunch of the new specialized Lego bricks in all the new colors. Since the Parisian Restaurant is modular and designed to connect to other models, I’m thinking of constructing my own modular building. Since have so many crazy colors I’m thinking some sort of hippie house. We’ll see. I need to look at my bricks and see what I can get away with.


It’s like a whole new world :smiley:
When you have dreams at night is everyone made of Lego ?
We had Lego as kids, and also Monteny which was kind of similar but softer plastic (and quite good to chew on :thinking:) both could be used with one another.


If you’re gonna chew on them, rather than Legos, you might consider Eggos. Some people find them even easier to chew.


Or Wagos (electrician humor)



Kind of like these?


Awww, those are cute.


My little gradaughter likes them,especially when they talk :smile_cat:



Found these at the Eagle :eagle:


Great! The best of all possible worlds!


I prefer these



Are those eggs your drawings, Greenfields? You’re a bit of an artist :grin:Those are fantastic.

(Looks like Gov, Christofirst, and Edmundus at the end, there)

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