Curmudgeons Go To France 🇫🇷


Well, I’m currently in a hotel that does not serve hot breakfast (or breakfast period) every morning. It’s tough, these first world problems. :angry:


Nope, only saw one on the road on the way in. I see roadrunners all the time in AZ. I’ve got pics of them on my computer at home. So far my best photos in Texas have been of Painted Buntings and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Two fantastic birds. We’re going home today. I’ll be sure to share them with y’all.


Awww. Too bad. Place we are staying at tomorrow and next few days has an utterly fantabulous breakfast: coffee, bacon, sausage, coffee, bagels, toast, rolls, coffee, muffins, danish, coffee, salads, juice, coffee, eggs, burritos, cheese, coffee, cereal, oatmeal, fruits, coffee. And did I mention coffee?


I actually fixed a cooked breakfast this morning: scrambled eggs with Parmesan, bacon, strawberries (not cooked), and coffee. I do these crazy things every now and then. :roll_eyes:


I got up before sis yesterday and made a very similar breakfast. Did not have strawberries, so it was cantelope. I did add jalapeño to the eggs.


Deus Vult…


You’ve all encouraged me to eat breakfast now…hmm, maybe pancakes…
Lately I’ve done the terrible thing of having two cups of coffee then realised by lunch or 1pm that I haven’t eaten .
Mixing batter now…


Always here to be an inspiration to others. Cooking breakfast may not be in the near future, however. That’s a bit over the top, for me anyway. Usually I just have some cereal or a boiled egg.:egg:


For coffee…

French Toast
French Fries
French Poupon Spicy Mustard
Frenchies Condiments
Wine And More Wine…

Enjoy… :wine_glass::rage::smoking:


May I throw a couple of used berets in ?




An amazing cook, but annoying otherwise. Never been able to watch one of her shows all the way through. I did make her beef bourguinon (no idea how to spell in French) and lo, it was very good.:cut_of_meat:


I got my ‘Aficionado’ badge. I’ve logged in every day for 100 days. I couldn’t even go four days in Texas without checking in here, and I still can’t find 50 things to like in a day. O’ wretched man am I!


What no cheese?


Check behind the @TheOldColonel ears… :rage::smoking:


I’m just back from Benediction and Confession, which my parish offers every Wednesday evening. I’ve got a big day tomorrow downtown at the cathedral, and now I’m ready. :smiley:


I just finished replacing the sink faucet, the toilet seat, and the toilet handle in my mom’s bathroom. Next project is to replace the missing baseboards, caulk, and paint. After that, I repair the drywall in a few places and paint the walls. Fun times here in Orange County, CA! :older_woman::smoking:

Tomorrow we’re visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. We drove past it on our way to and from Universal Studios yesterday. It is WAY modern, but still an impressive building, right on the highway. Can’t wait to see the inside! :smiley:


My, Gertie, you have been busy! We have about a 2 inch slash in drywall caused by an unfortunate incident moving a bed rail. How did you figure out to fix it? Natural talent, YouTube? Or do you come from one of those families where everyone learns all this stuff?


The Church I grew up in was Saint Anthony Of Padua in Fresno it’s a modern looking parish for some reason they coated the walls in grey cement.

I went to two parishes really OLPH because my brother was a student for awhile.

No one can remember us going but I can I can remember getting in trouble playing with another boy in Mass and sitting in the quiet room.

I must have been 2 or 3.

It’s funny because I realized that was where I was and they converted the old quiet room into a store and built another in the opposite side.

The blessed sacrament chapel still has the red cushioned chairs I remember from that time but the rest of the parish got an update.

I can even remember sitting in the confessional with my mother who was crying.

I wonder how much my munchkins will remember. :thinking:


It was built in modern times :angry:

When the architect was shown the proposed building site right next to the freeway, he reportedly said that many of the old cathedrals in Europe were built next to rivers, and this freeway is today’s river of transportation (or something like that).

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