Curmudgeons Go To France 🇫🇷


I think you need to do a cover sheet with the picture of 2 deviled egg eyes on the centerpiece, and your name, date, and notice of First edition.


:joy: Oh, that would be perfectly clear to readers. :roll_eyes: :rofl: :joy:


I found @Cruciferi patron saint…




:relieved:…heey,it’s only 5:30pm…don’t dooo thaaaat…:sleeping:


It’s true which is why resting witch face :woman_mage:t4: is one of the key ingredients in today’s Coffee :coffee:


We’ve been in France long enough! The situation is deteriorating rapidly :frowning:


Ospreys are inbound. Proceed to extraction point!


That’s because I’m not their President… :sunglasses:


These are the days preceding the Return of the King.

The Great Monarch and restoration of the French Monarchy is coming soon :crown: :fr:


Not yet, anyway…



I know I’m the chosen one… But don’t tell anyone!!! There’s enough Boudreau Tibideau jokes…


Excellent. We shall pack you up along with your growing brood and ship you off to France to take your rightful place as king. Very good.

If all goes well, I shall be along shortly to use our friendship to beg favors and gain power and wealth.

If it fails, I don’t know you. :older_woman::smoking:


Can I pay you in french fries?

The precious potatoes are a commodity these days…


We don’t need no steenking “let them eat cake” slogan. We have the vastly superior “let them eat french fries” slogan.


If it makes everyone feel better there McDonald’s french fries I mean you can’t go wrong with that.


I found some aged cheese between my couch… Bon Appetite… :cheese:

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