Curmudgeons II : The Breakfast Club


For Coffee

Pixie Sticks :candy:
Captain Crunch :bowl_with_spoon:
Bread :bread:
Sushi :sushi:
Cigarettes :smoking:
Coca-Cola :cup_with_straw:
Teen Angst :boy::girl:
1980’s Apparel :dark_sunglasses::shopping::lipstick::athletic_shoe:
Cigar Burns :smoking::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Spilled Paint In The Basement😱

Enjoy… :tea::rage::smoking:

Curmudgeons Age Of Discobot

Hey, we had 8 daze to go yet, didn’t we?

Have some cofefe :coffee: and bacon :bacon:


I had to beat everyone to the punch.

I had this idea how my sleeve for a few months.

Ugh… I mean…


:notes: Don’t you… forget about me. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t! :notes:



Dangit. Now I got another dad burned song rattling in my head. Took me all day to get rid of that Figaro thing after I heard it this morning. Duet with accordion and recorder. WFMT has some odd ones occasionally.


When is Muzhik getting here I think we should shove a bag of weed down his pants and hear his life’s woes while I talk about spilling paint in my dad’s basement.


You forgot Coke.


Product placement … sufficiently obvious?


I’m thirsty now, but why?


I TOTOLLY KNOW who YOU are :thinking::angry::angry:



I’m here. I dropped off the last one because I couldn’t keep up with the traffic, what with all the newbies trying out their inner Curmudgeons (and mostly failing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )


You’ve cracked the code!


Oh great. Showing up just in time to celerbrate the hiccup redhead?!?! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::weary:


Uhhh … yeah. Oh, yeah, sure. I’m totally into redheads. Even ones who hiccup.




16more characters worth of body language


Oh that totally deserves a :wink:


Mea culpa to that, my friend.

Don’t worry. I won’t stick around.



16 more characters HERE




I was going to say something grumpy and pithy, but it’s nowhere near breakfast, so it’ll have to wait til morning.

Get over it! :rage:


Maybe you should show me how you did that… sometime.

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