Curmudgeons II : The Breakfast Club


Curmudgeonly enough answer.


I am confirmed in my desire to swim only in swimming pools where I can see what’s in there.:rage:


They used to say that about California air. We like to see what we’re breathing!


My kids and I used to enjoy swimming in a big dam not too far from us…till last year when the dog was paddling at the edge and a large leach was visible swimming towards her…like the Kraken being called and awoken…


You had me so riveted by the story since I thought your dog was about to be eaten by a shark. Then I read it was a leach. I’m glad for your dog but the story would have been much more interesting.

Maybe I need to go to sleep.


:grin: :rage: It was a humongous leach I tell you,! Like a baby eel…


Yeah, like, maybe the leech (a leech that big? Seriously?) was actually a GMO that could alter its appearance to look like the creature it had eaten, like in the movie “The Thing”. That way, you could bring it back to your house unknowingly with you where it would simply wait for everyone to fall asleep and then feast.


Wait. Are you sayiing you would feast on the GMO leach or the folks in the house?


I read it as feasting on the crummy leach after everyone else went to sleep so you wouldn’t have to share.


Ah, GMO leaches are the best.


In some parts of the world leached are let bloat on blood then cooked and eaten


You people! :angry: Have you no respect for the tropes of the horror genre? The family brings the dog that they THINK is their beloved pet back home with them, only it’s really the GMO leech in disguise. Said leech waits for the family to go to sleep and let their guard down to go after the rest of the family one by one.

Sheesh! Maybe next year I should try to do that NaNuNaNuWriterPanu thing and whip out one horror novel for my entry.


:open_mouth::flushed: A leach big enough to see swimming? Wait…leaches swim? I thought they just hung around waiting to latch onto you. The ones I’ve seen were about 2 inches long and black. But those were lake leaches. All those people you see frolicking on the beach are either living in a dream world or just not paying attention to the horrors of ocean life.


I had a brother in law once who was bigger than 2 inches, so they must come in all sizes.


You’re Tom Thumbs sister in law?! :slight_smile: how nice to meet you.


Wait – isn’t there a science fantasy-cookbook novel written about them? About to be released in a major motion picture? Something with a title like …

… “A Wren-kle in Thyme”

(Sounds delicious, he said sagely…)


That’s even worse than Helix the Cat, by Ted Sturgeon.


LOLOLOL!! :joy:

You’re just so full of puns in this post, that once I started reading, I just couldn’t stop laughing!! :grin:


My father-in-law used to swim in the ocean just past the waves for exercise. He was an engineer too, so I’m sure he calculated the probability of being eaten by a shark and determined the risk was minimal. My dad always had some kind of small boat, and he went out on the ocean to fish at least once a week until shortly before he died. He used to take my son and I out on his 12-foot aluminum boat, launching at King’s Harbor in Redondo Beach and fishing around Palos Verdes. My son and I used to take out ocean kayaks too. That was probably the last time I ended up in the water, when we took that kayak in through the surf and it flipped over.


Someone left a big urn of stuff at my front door labeled Mudgie Coffee fixins, from the down under thread. Looks like one of the neighborhood cats marked their territory on it.

Sooo, I added a few leftovers, and it’s has been steeping to perfection for the last few hours.

Mudgie coffee is now served. Enjoy.

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