Curmudgeons II : The Breakfast Club


Don’t drink it! It was served by David the Android :grimacing:


I would like to see David the Android and Siri the Iphone go at it.


We already have that. It’s called the news commentators


David the Android? :rage:
So now there’s a David?

First there’s Discoboy, now there’s David. Hey David, eat this.:woman_technologist: it’s a fake punching arm.:fist_left:

See? Raise the roof. Everybody let’s raise the roof.:tipping_hand_woman:



Dear David,

No one ever gets my humor except you.



I was just reading in another thread here that the regular practice of yoga can untwist your humor chakra and let your hilarity flow more freely.


I saw that thread. :angry:
That’s where you completely annihilated the pristine mudgie reputation by posting this picture:

yoga prayer



In an earlier yoga thread, I posted this illustration which proves beyond a doubt that Christian yoga, or Chroga, is impervious to demons. I thought this would definitively end the debate, but NO! :angry:


@Daisy and @christofirst

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Slippery little beggars ,those chakras …you’ve got to be really quick and catch them by the whiskers to untwist them…:nerd_face:


Ahhh. That’s my problem. I thought we were talking about Chupacabras.


Chupacabras are a second cousin to chakras,not so whiskery but slightly more slippery and try and reside in the gut of goats and particularly Guinea pigs before fully grown.I do understand,however ,they smell the same.


Ew!!! :rage:





How else could we get the next generation of little cell phones?


Yoga positions are prostrations to Hindu Gods opening one up to Chakras (demons) but sometimes stretching is called Yoga too.

Depends on what the positions are because there are Yoga like stretches and then there is actual Hindu Yoga.


What happens if you just like to stretch,and without knowing it they are yogerish? :grimacing:


Eat a bowl of Yogurt it has probiotics and will flush those evil chakra spirit’s right out.

Taco Bell will also work in a pinch.


Thank you very much,I’ll see to it right away.
Very concerned as I just woke up…and stretched :frowning:
Will it matter we only have Taco Bill and no Taco Bell here?


Remember, Taco Bell spelled sideways is Cat Bello, which could mean cat below, or Cat Ballou. Didn’t Jane Fonda have an exercise thing going once?


:ice_cream: I’m giving out frozen yogurt as all my likes are used up

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