Curmudgeons II : The Breakfast Club


I watched a series of videos about water fasting and flushing out parasites.

Warning Graphic Content!!!

Otherwise go along with your day… :unamused::coffee::bug:


There are some problems I see.

One these people all looked healthy and were not Ill or loosing weight as is the case with intestinal parasites.

Two who in there right mind shows video footage of their stool.

Most of the videos show people that have mucus in their stool and one guy claimed he urinated worms.

I think @Edmundus1581 needs to prescribe these people antipsychotic meds.

Oddly you never see any actual worms or parasitic creatures but these health nuts are making bank off hypochondriac Judaizing Evangelicals and Jehovah Witnesses.

One of the remedies is drinking Wormwood which is a poison by the way.

Other people drink turpentine and castor oil.

These guys wouldn’t know what a worm looked like if it tunneled up bit them in the :horse:.


Mudgie Coffee ought to work perfectly.


Will do.

If that doesn’t work, they can have Mudgie Coffee. One way or another, that’ll stop their whining.


I advise everyone to get their yearly Xenomorph screening. It’s the only way to be sure. Mudgie Coffee also kills alien parasites :grin: It worked for me :+1:


Oh wow,that one must have let its self be known…frozen yogurt all round(likes depleted) :ice_cream:


I was at a Weyland-Yutani Corporate dinner where we had stuffed Xenomorph😋 A bit acidic but delicious nonetheless.


Where were they harvested from ,and were they still kicking…:scream::face_vomiting:


Now that you mention it, several board members were absent :thinking: But I don’t ask questions!:rage:


I’ve read some strange things on news feeds,like some weight loss programmes including parasites…:nerd_face:


Hey, it’s easy to lose weight. I’ve lost thousands of pounds over the years.




Ah! I found your picture online :skull_and_crossbones:


Close, but the bone structure might be a little off. For instance, the second head isn’t showing.


That’s amazing, I’m envious now .:ice_cream:


Hey. Got any chocolate caramel yoghurt?


What’s the point,it’d go straight through,


The rest of the torso isn’t shown. Hee hee hee.


:ice_cream: there ya go :)little bit on the side.
To think of all that good coffee we’ve wasted on you Stephie …:rage:
Or maybe it was the coffee?


The Mudgie Coffee diet. Now there’s a real thought! I’ll have to work on that.

Let’s see if I can remember the various diets I’ve tried…
Stillman water diet. Lost 80 pounds
What’s his face exercise diet. Lost 75 pounds.
Salad only diet. Lost 50 pounds.
Medifast. Lost 85 pounds.
Nutisystem. Lost 75 pounds.
South Beach diet. Lost 60 pounds.
Protein diet. Lost 70 pounds.

Probably 10 others


Is that in the few months leading up to your latest photo?You must have been quite tall, :open_mouth:

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