Curmudgeons II : The Breakfast Club


I saw an XFiles episode about chupecabras
It was actually…
Nope! No spoilers


I thought Gov was going to chime in with something from Coast to Coast AM on them, actually.


Everybody has Chupacabras in their the backyard in the Central Valley. :man_shrugging:


They’re like the latest in designer pets, right? Like dogs that fit in your purse so you can sneak them into the movies? They’re useful for recycling food scraps?


Aren’t they recycled food scraps, not recycling food scraps?


Well, I just got back from Mass and I’m feeling all curmudgeonly. Alas, the family has the flu so the only well ones (me and my little sister) were the only ones going to Mass. Since we had to get back quickly we didn’t go to our normal parish (the EF) which is about an hour away. We had to go to the local OF parish.

Well, I have obviously been behind the times because I have not been to the local parish since they put up two huge screens on either side of the altar. The screens now have the words of the hymns and the creed and the readings on it. With no missalettes in the pews. That royally irritated me. What if I want to use the missalettes? All they need is the bouncing ball.

Then, the screens had the consecration on it while it was happening. But why look at the screen when Christ is right there? It’s not like it’s a huge church where you can’t see what’s going on.

Then, once communion was done, the screens told the congregation to quietly put their kneelers in and sit down and pray. But what if I want to kneel and pray? That’s the normal thing that happens after communion.

So you might say that Mass was less than edifying. Christ did come down and all the grace needed to make it through another week was infused into folks but it could have been better. Thankfully I don’t have to attend that parish normally.

Well, that was my curmudgeonly statement of the week. Carry on.


Ok fresh Mudgie weight loss Coffee is served. I rummaged thru the dumpsters of the local restaurants to get a nice blend of various coffee grounds, then added some kale I found from someone’s discarded salad.

I found enough left over beer in the various designer beer bottles in the dumpsters. I added a couple of those minature teacup poodles. They were not happy at first, but eventually calmed down.

It’s been simmering for a few hours now. It looks done.



Even our ultra modern cathedral doesn’t have big screen viewers :angry:


Fresh, huh?
More like a goOd movie that keeps getting poorly recycled by Hollywood producers. Maybe come up with some of your own stuff for once? :angry:

Or how about try marriage? Christo? Can we get you two together? Maybe try hopping into the surf one last time? Don’t expect me to plan it though. I’m not in a very good mood today. :angry:

Just put me in something better than a flowerpot or a bird suit this time. And don’t stuff your bouquet in my mouth. :angry:


Well maybe never mind on the recycled coffee. Great job on simmering pine needles in a cup of hot water on the other thread.


They are trying to compete with the uber-big Protestant mega church in the same city who have a concert every Sunday. And coffee during the service.


Nah. Kinda celibate for life. I see my boyfriend every Wednesday night. My slot is 1 to 2 AM.


Nothing like Adoration! :heart:

So many graces abound, for going!


Yep. For me, literally a lifesaver, but that’s a different story.


Me neither! :angry: I yelled at my sister today for leaning a ladder against our mom’s freshly painted house. Mom flipped out when she saw it, and then I yelled, and now I’m just like our bad-tempered late father. Ogres like me are better off unmarried :angry:.


Proper Curmudgeon behavior. Sis and I just put up the Christmas lights. We yell at each other all the time.


Thankfully it’s nothing like that here.

We do have a very liberal Newman Center some of things I have heard during the confirmation class for my wife’s friend are cringeworthy.

I’m keeping them to myself though as a form of penance. :rage:

You know after being gone from my old parish I just try to avoid the ordinary form as much as I can.

Although people do kneel and receive on the tongue with no fuss from anyone and I still think it’s an excellent parish I just could do without the folk music any longer.

It reminds me too much of heterodox hippy Catholics not to be confused with kind hearted people like Christofirst who I consider to be very pious and orthodox.

He’s just a hippie hippie not a hippy herectic.

Been busy at home and working on the process of printing and mounting icons.



:rage: so CA F pop ups tell me I have to wait 483,453 .something minutes before I can ‘like’ something and also post …argh…I wonder if This post will work…


Whew,so far so good…!

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