Curmudgeons II : The Breakfast Club



22hrs since the last post! :rage: having a lonely cuppa on my own …:upside_down_face: :clown_face:
But there’s still some brewing,and guess what?!Special this morning with ashes from the openfire…bet you can’t resist that now…


Ohhh. I’ll have some. I’ll have some. Ohhh.


I added some Cane Toad to my coffee :coffee::yum:


:frog: X :tea::tea::tea: fairly potent stuff I believe,


Not to be confused with toed canes. You know, the ones that stand up by themselves.




That looks like one of the ones in my pond. You know, the ones I put in the Mudgie Coffee for a while. Or at least the tadpoles from.

Never tried to lick them, though.


You kiss the frog right? Cuz licking a frog is just wrong. I’m a guy so kissing a frog wouldn’t do. I don’t need a Prince to come carry me away. Uh, thinking about that is gross…


I’ve kissed a frog before :slight_smile: on the top of its head out of appreciation .


Shhhh don’t tell anyone …:rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m sure St Francis would have


I went to Catholic school and never heard of St. Nicholas day until I went to college and a Pentecostal friend (whose mother was an ex Catholic) used to send her a gift box for St. Nicholas day).

I also learned the “St. Anthony , St. Anthony please come 'round” prayer from a cradle Baptist who prayed to St. Anthony anyway (but never to the Blessed Mother because, you know, eek! Catholics and idol worship!)


LOL at the ugly Christmas sweater


We never had the ugly sweater as a gag gift thing. We did gag gifts but usually something uselessly stupid: wet paper napkins, half a roll of life savers, one spark plug, box of rubber bands ( extra points if they can’t possibly be used for anything practical).


Hey. That reminds me. Does anyone do a fruit cake exchange? That’s where you keep the fruitcake and give it to someone else the next year? My record is one that got passed around for 11 years before becoming unrecognizable.


That is by far very strange and makes absolutely no sense.

I hope she made her way back to the Church.


Was it nibbled on with each exchange ? :mouse:


We lost contact after graduation.
But people are strange…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nibbling on stale and ancient fruit cake…


Not really. After a while some of them got pretty bad looking. The one that lasted longest I had sprayed with a clear lacquer.

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