Curmudgeons In The Valley Of Gwangi 🦖


Praying all goes well for both of you. :heart:


Well I don’t see why that would be controversial. Anyone with half a brain would agree with my opinion on Pre or Post FC. :angry:


While you’re at Universal, gaze in wonder and admiration at the very tall black building just outside the park that says “Comcast Universal” on top, and know that I worked there too… a lot! :angry:


I’ve seen that bldg. The sign was flickering last time we were up there. (Had to add that for the Curmudgeon thread ).


Sure are a lot of new folks here. :angry:

Why do they all have teh be so dadgum rootin tootin funny and clever and talkative. Why, back in my day we had Jmcrea, and we LIKED her. :angry:



Society of Tomyris Curmudgeon Coffee or STCC…


I need more dinosaur poop in my coffee if I’m going to continue this day properly… :coffee::unamused::smoking:


I worked on all the electrical in that building except the sign :angry::office::angry:


Ah Ha! Dang cheap sign hangers shoulda called in the expert! Harrumph.


Yeah, it was looking pretty shoddy today as well. :older_woman::smoking:


Hey, how did you like it? You’re home early, young lady!


It was fun, but no way was it worth the same price as Disneyland. :angry:

We were completely done about 4:30, so we left and got some dinner on the City Walk. :hamburger::fries:

We had a really good day, and I’m glad we didn’t stress about staying longer than we wanted because “we spent so much money on these tickets.”


You’ll have to repost that because I simply cannot remember the story.


WHICH reminds me…

Back in the day, almost a year ago, we have a lovely curmudgeon who dwelt in Ireland. She regaled us with stories of her electricity or water going out in the new (very old) country place she lived in. What was her name, and has anyone heard from her since The Change?


One year we accidentally left corn beefed in our car… It got buried under the canvas bags that it had fallen out of and settled on the floor in the very back seat where the kids sit.

It had rolled from the trunk into the back seating of our Ford Explorer…

I found it cleaning out the car and we threw everything away thinking the kids left a juice bottle in the car that had gone bad…

Nope corned beef still sealed in plastic but the odor had broken through the plastic… :nauseated_face:


You’re thinking of Rosebud? I think that was her name. :thinking:


Rosebud! Yes, that was her.


I don’t think she joined up after the switch. But if I remember correctly, she was also moving to an even more remote area and wasn’t sure she’d have internet on a regular basis.

I was thinking about her just a few days ago and wondering how she was doing. I need to keep her in my prayers.


What? You didn’t save it for the coffee? What were you thinking?


I believe she did make the switch, using the Nom de CAF of “Rosebud77”. (One thing I miss about the old system is that you could set up a profile. AFAIK the new system doesn’t support that.)

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