Curmudgeons In The Valley Of Gwangi 🦖


I’m over in Daisy’s neck of the woods. Meeting for work stuff tomorrow. Probably another Friday. Head home Sat.

I’m finding some of those used vote for xxx signs add a nice flavor to the coffee. Interestingly, after a bit of experimentation, the ones from the candidates that lost seem to be more flavorful than the ones from the candidates that won. Go figure!


Be careful, the coffee is really hot! :fire: I just heated it up with the hot air from all the analysts, commentators and political correspondents still talking about the midterm elections on TV :angry:


Oh, you thought you meant This thread, hence the like


So did I, and then realised - hence the Delete :slight_smile:

How dare someone say our thread is “bizarre”?


Tedious, trivial, repetive, banal, pretentious, childish - maybe. But “bizarre” :rage:


I took it as a compliment :smile:


Here, here. :older_woman::smoking:

Someone go fetch me some ibuprofen. :face_with_head_bandage: (actually, my head is the only thing I haven’t injured yet… uh oh…)


You forgot about the world news forum.


You forgot “pedantic”. :face_with_monocle:


“You forgot…”

“You forgot…”

Everyone’s forgetting. Sheesh. Get a notebook, ya grumpy old curmudgeons. :older_woman::smoking:


World News should be shutdown and thrown into the Lake of Fire :fire:


I forgot my notebook… Can I borrow yours?


Impossible. It IS the lake of fire.


:worried: gulp

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True. If I die and find myself in the World News forum, I’ll know I’ve gone to hell.



I think Gert misses that when she comes home from school and checks on the Mudgies.


Memory is the second thing to go. I forget what the first is.


Don’t worry, I forget too.

What were we discussing again :neutral_face:


So what kind of hellish things are going on in World News? I’m afraid to look.


These things just pass me by. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. :blush:

We have enough problems with agitators and factions in the Curmudgeonarium. :angry:

I’d like to suspend half of you.


I just know because it’s after a U.S. election and it’s the world news forum. Half the posters are accusing the other half of being communists, and the second half is accusing the first half of being nazis.

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