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Moldy buts a dry desiccated mold…


I don’t know why I’m just perceiving imaginary arguments that haven’t happened or aren’t necessarily ever going to happen because that’s how my brain works.

This sort of thing happens when I have to visit the Latin Mass since my bad experience and hearing of other people’s bad experience with the priest there.

Really it’s a shame because I like the community there and I like the priest that were offering up Mass and hearing confessions and then they got a permanent priest and he’s not the most sociable or the most kind.

The visceral criticism of families that put their children into public schools from traditional Catholics as a traditionalist myself I find highly offensive.

Nobody is probably going to say anything to me later on this morning but I was jumping from philosophy to education in my mind making my security rounds and then I remembered all my irritation with this subject.

Not everybody has the intelligence, the ability, or the energy, to homeschool and really it’s not always that great because kids don’t have the social skills that they would develop at a public or private school.

That’s not necessarily always the case is not an absolute rule but it does happen though.

I think some parents are a little bit better about socializing their children but there are those families that really drop the ball.

Then there’s the whole guilt trip of not putting your children in Catholic School but Catholic schools really are or at least have become for people that are well off or very wealthy who can afford to put their children through that.

I won’t say which school but I’ve heard some things about one of our schools which is that you are obligated to attend charity events and put money on silent auctions to keep your children in school and to volunteer.

Volunteering is fine but not everybody necessarily has the time and if your poor to begin with you’re sure as heck aren’t going to have money to put on a silent auction for a bunch of junk.

Lastly this whole ideology of sheltering children from the evils of the world and sort of the theme of the Benedict Option is not realistic.

I think it sets future generations of Catholics up for failure because their parents didn’t confront the world and the evils with them.

You don’t want to expose your children to evil but then you don’t want to also leave them uninformed so they can’t fend for themselves either.

That’s the whole principle of don’t talk to strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, and don’t accept food or candy from people you don’t know.

Even woodland critters that Cruciferi hangs out with teach their young to defend themselves in the wild.

It’s an issue that’s always really bothered me and frustrated me as a parent because I think that my kids school is really good and a lot of the teachers are very conservative and they do happen to be Christian although they might not be Catholic.

Pours speech and soap box into coffee machine.

Enjoy :coffee:


You can always have this if you don’t want cake.


I hear ya on all that about the schools, Gov.

I was glad that my son got a solid education in the faith at his Catholic school from kindergarten through 7th grade, and his teachers were amazing and faithful Catholics mostly.

But the tiny size of the school became a real problem when my son had nowhere to hide and no real friends because of the cliques and pressures and taunts that showed up in middle school. It was hell for him, and we put him in a public charter school where he is now doing really well.

And being in a public school has somehow made him stronger in his faith, because now it has to be a choice. He doesn’t want anything to do with parish youth groups – reminds him too much of his Catholic school pains I think. But he goes to mass, even when neither of us “feels like it” without complaints. And I think he even enjoys a bit how being Catholic sets him apart sometimes – like no meat on Fridays in Lent.

You gotta do what’s right for your kids, Gov, because they are YOUR kids. God gave that vocation to you, not to anyone else in your parish or community. Hang in there, man.

Fight the power! :fist:t4:


Preach it sister!!!

My brother who has Tourettes and OCD was horribly picked on at a Catholic school.

Some Nun when we still had Nuns they left last year was very kind to him and took him under his wing.

He went to Gate school he’s the smart brother.

He even went to St Mary’s College.

Poor guy has Tourettes, OCD and Bi Polar which concerns me because I hear the Bi Polar is genetic. :scream:

I’ll just throw some Lithium batteries ij the coffee and I will be good. :wink:

No homily it was a Low Mass… You would think Padre would do a High Mass and a homily for such a day especially when folks are waking up early… What can you do…

Despite being tired it was very peaceful.


The lithium in the coffee made it nice and smoooooth. Somehow I feel rather mellow.


Not me! :crazy_face: It’s a gorgeous day out here in the Mile High City – high in the mid 40s F, and a deep blue sky. The playground is calling my name!




I did go to the park, but I just put on my headphones and my “Upbeat” playlist, and walked briskly around the park for 45 minutes. I did jump on every park bench I passed, tried to balance on the armrest while doing air squats. I also ran along concrete and wooden curbs (the edgings to planted areas).

Basically, I did old lady parkour. :smile:


So what you trying to tell us is that you’re one of those flying humanoids that are talked about on Coast to Coast…


Great minds… I was thinking exactly the same thing.

We got SuperGertie. Superman, eat your heart out.


So what is parkour?

Is this like a group that meets in different cities at different parks?


Parkour grew out of freerunning, which grew out of Army techniques on moving quickly in urban terrain. This video shows a good example of what’s involved. (I think Gert should be up to this level in another month or so.) Too many of the other “best of” videos were more gymnastics than actual running/leaping/etc.


Oh yeah, that’s totally how I looked hobbling around the park today. :joy:


It is a form of corporal penance.


I’ve seen a million clips now, and I still don’t get it. :frowning_face:
They teach you to do this? Just kinda hip hop around and suddenly it’s got a label thing??? I blame the scientists. :angry: they always have to be labeling things. I don’t like it. :angry:


I know I’m unknown specimen 365… :unamused::smoking:


Think of it as more of an advanced “situational awareness training” … thing. You need to get to the top of the wall? So quick tell me: how fast do you need to be moving? What are you going to bounce off to gain height? And where will your hands go when you reach the top?

Or to use another example: Do you know where you’d go and what you’d do if a velociraptor suddenly burst out of the sanctuary at church during Mass? Maintaining the ability to leap nimbly from pew-top to pew-top while everyone else is screaming and panicking may save your life.


If that happened, I’d save everyone. Here’s how I figure that.

Everyone panics and starts running around. I don’t move fast for anything. The velociraptor sees this, and being intelligent, zeros in on me. Being easy pickins, eats me. Develops ptomain poisoning. Dies. Presto everyone is saved.

You’re welcome.

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