Current administration and Saul Alinsky

Below is a good video on having a sense of humor and being prudent. But in the end the talk talks about the relationship between our current president Obama and Saul Alinsky whose rules match the actions of some of the polititions in power. If what the presentor says is true, are we trapping ourselves in this system by going against things such as abortion and same sex marriage? Do some in the current administration want to get us all worked up over these hot button issues to keep us confused and afraid? Do we continue to stand up for Marriage and Life or are we falling into the hands of the instigators? What are we to do? Just wanted to get your thoughts on this?

The secret is simply to refuse to be defined by what you oppose, but to insist on being defined by what you believe in. Catholics are not anti-abortion and against same sex marriage, we are respecters of the sacredness of life and appreciators of the way in which marriage is the cornerstone upon which (successively) is built families, towns, nations and whole cultures. We espouse these good things because they reflect the best of what it is to be human. This does require that we oppose that which is destructive of these good things, but that opposition must always take second place to the things we stand FOR.

The opposing party needs to learn to use the rules for themselves.

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