Current (i.e., 2015) sola scriptura web sites?


Where can I find some current web sites that debate/refute sola scripture? A number of the sites that I have frequently visited are all offline now (were on Geocities, etc.) and there don’t seem to be that many new ones taking their place. Part of that may be because of the good job Catholic Answers is doing, yet when those now-offline sites are still the top search results on Google, I gotta wonder… :shrug:


Are you looking for articles, or entire websites? Also, from which side, pro or anti sola scriptura?

2 Thess. 2:15



Yes, that’s correct, ‘anti-’ sola scriptura web sites (web sites, not individual articles) that have debates and point-by-point rebuttals. I recall there used to be a ton of them not too long ago, many of them on now-defunct web sites like Geocities and Tripod. These days, such ‘sola scriptura’-focused sites are very difficult to find, even with Google searches.


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