Current Media?

My daughter wants to watch all the current scary movies, light Red-Eye. She is 13. I am telling her that this media just is not good for you and would Jesus watch this?

Where in the Bible can I find a passage where it says to stray away from media or bad influences that could lead you off God’s path?

Philippians 4:8 is a good one. I’m sure you could find more.
That said, I think the main problem here is not with scary movies as a genre, but with the age of your daughter. At her age, she’s less likely to be discerning about what she sees, less likely to be able to think critically about it in light of her faith. If you don’t already, you should pay attention to everything she watches, including comedy, romance, etc. The best way for her to learn wisdom and discernment is for you to watch things together and talk about it. Once she learns and gets older, there are plenty of “horror” movies that aren’t really harmful.

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