Curse was meant to keep my heart closed

Hello its been a while that ive posted anything in here but idk if any of you guys remember my post about the curse? Well the cursed object was a heart with a needle holding it shut and i believe thats its a funnycoicidence how my heart doesnt open. I can feel gods spirit trying to pry it open but it stays closed. And the more i pray the more weird feelings of darkness come over me, its been a while that i havnt felt the feelings but i think its because it already has me in its bubble or area in which it affects me if that makes any sense. I pray the rosary about twice a day and today i felt the power of god either trying to destroy the evil inside me or it was trying to open my heart or maybe it was both. Well if anybody has any suggestions it would be nice to hear them. Oh and ive already talked to my priest about it and he said that nothing of any evil can hurt me because i have been baptized i understand that but im still confused why i got cursed iean like why did it affect me if no evil can harm me so i anybody has a theory of why it did i will be willing to hear it thanks.

Go to a priest. There is a movement now to help the clergy be more aware.

No, there is no needle. Put on the Brown Scapular, and have a priest consecrate you. Pray the Litany of the Precious Blood. Pray the prayer to St. Michael as he is your greatest defender.

There is the Prayer for Deliverance online, and Litany for deliverance. Go to Mass, confession, and increase your sacramental life and do good to your neighbor.

God bless you!

Listen to your priest…you fixating on curses is likely making you feel this way…dont take offense but have you been to therapy about your feelings and thoughts?

hi marcotheartist
Have you ever been involved in any occult stuff, like wiji boards or tarot readings, seances, tried to practice white or black magic?

No i havnt

I have but she said i was fine

Sorry, was this a reply to my post?

Yea i couldnt find how to reply directly to your post sorry its been a while since ive been on here

No i havnt the only thing is that i picked up that object described in my older posts

OK, well let me pray about this and I will ask Jesus about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will pray that you can sleep well.

I may not get a chance to get back to you tomorrow it could be the day after.
God Bless you

Ok sounds good i can wait

Thank you for your prayers


Every time those thoughts come simply say with increasing devotion the Holy Name of Jesus. And then go on with your daily duty. It comes back, immediately say His name until you feel peace and are centered. Think of others…when was the last time you checked in on your family…is there any one in need by you that you can help?..This helps you to get back to your center and ground in every day reality, where God wants you to be.

So you will to be in the place the Lord wants.

I had alot of hardships. My dear friend told me that the moment she wakes up, she proclaims that 'This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad." Will the Lord’s joy. Then you are doing what St. Francis of Assisi assorted his followers to do.

Keep you in prayers and be in peace with the Lord Who loves you so so much.

I will do that but for some reason my heart doesnnt seem to be opening something is not letting it open

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