cursed items

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If you have something that might be “cursed” or something like that, is it the proper thing to just take it to a priest and have it blessed, or are there other things you need to do? I own some things I like very much which were made by someone into magic, and when I asked if their creation had involved magic, got an answer which I understood to be a “no” at the time. Now, though, knowing a little more about how they were made, I’m not quite sure if their answer meant “nothing magical at all”. I still incline to think was a “no”, haven’t had any strange occurrences happen, and have been able to live my faith life without anything but the usual temptations. If anything did come up, though, I’d want to know what to do.

Make a saving throw vs. spells or be confused for three rounds? :wink:

I do not think the Church officially teaches that inanimate objects can have magical powers, let alone be a supernatural source of temptation (like the human mind itself isn’t good enough at that…). Honestly I’m a little surprised to hear something like this coming from you.

I KNEW someone was going to make a DnD reference, I just knew it… and I thought it would be you. :smiley:
But, yeah, I do believe in this kind of stuff. It’s not that the stuff gets actual magical powers, but that by having it it opens you up to demonic influence. It’s kind of like the reverse of blessed items; at least that’s how I understand it. I’m just waiting for someone who knows a lot about sacramentals and stuff to answer.

I wouldn’t think it’d work that way. Blessing an object does not make it ‘magical’ or attuned to divine influence in any way; it’s instead a consecration for sacramental or devotional use. They’re dedicated to God, not to lowering your cholesterol count or whacking a couple days off your sentence in Purgatory; similarly, there’s no ‘opposite number’.

Even if I’m wrong, think of it like vampires: there are loads of ways to repel them, garlic, crosses, all that whatnot – but funny, there’s no such thing as vampire bait. Just having a neck is good enough. Same with any kind of universal demonic force: you have a neck. They’re already out to get you. Unhappily for them, you just love hommus :wink:

I know where I’d be if vampire bait existed… in the mall, outside of Suncoast and Hot Topic, peddling it to the babybats.

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Back to topic, there are known things that can open you up to demonic influence. These are generally associated explicitly with magic or pagan worship, though. I was just trying to figure if things made with methods involving magic, but not meant for religious use, were the same thing.

There is a book called Catholic Warrior Prayers that deals with this subject. If you believe something or someone can curse you, then this book might be handy to have around.:wink: Besides, only the priests can bind us, if you take your bible seriously:p

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