Cursed object

I read somewhere that says it is possible that an item can be cursed and that we should dispose of it. This is going to sound ridiculous but I do believe I have an object at home (a pig stuffed toy :doh2:) that has been cursed before. I took it back from a cabinet in my old office some years ago (because it looked cute), and ever since then it has been sleeping on my bed… until now. It only dawned on me yesterday while I was praying that ever since this item arrived at home my life hasn’t been smooth to the point where there were even some drastic moments. I kept dwelling on this matter and my guts tell me it is indeed not right - so when I woke up this morning, removed it from my bed and sprinkled some holy water from Lourdes on it…

Now the question is - I want to get rid of this thing but do I have to go to a priest? Can I just throw it into the bin like a normal rubbish? Would appreciate some advice here! :banghead:

Just throw it out in the garbage so you don’t think about it anymore. I don’t know if there is an official position on this in the Church so I’ll await someone who does to post.

Usually cursed objects are burned or buried. Never put the ashes of a burned cursed object down your plumbing! Toss them somewhere where they will be disapated…

My advice to you is ask St. Michael the Archangel to break the curse. Then burn the object if you throw it away it won’t get rid of the curse.

correlation does not mean causation. destroying a stuffed animal will not fix whatever ails you.

What makes you think that the item was cursed (other than the issues in your life). As the former poster mentioned, correlation does not imply causation.

Do you remember a curse being put on it? Was it an actual curse, or was someone just messing around? Is it possible that the bad things in your life are just happenstance and not affiliated with the item?

I recommend burning it to utterly be rid of it. Whether or not it is truly cursed, it is essentially cursed within your mind. If something causes you to sin (thinking disparaging thoughts, dwelling on the evil of an object, etc), cut that thing from your life. If you throw it in the garbage, your mind may just decide “Well it is still out there somewhere cursing me from the landfill.”

blending superstition with the faith is a bad idea.

give it to your motherinlaw.

Where are you getting this teaching about “curses”? I can’t find anything about this subject in the Catechism.

There may be nothing in the Catechism but I have a stinking suspicion that it would be covered in the Catholic study of demonology, required learning of the Exorcists.

and what do the learned demonologists teach about a dog’s stuffed chew toy?

Not about chew toys jackass!..curses.:rotfl:

its a chew toy. its a stuffed pig. burning it won’t solve the OP’s problem and might anger the dog.

She doesn’t say anywhere in her post that it’s a chew toy. :stuck_out_tongue:

stuffed pig, chew toy… what’s the difference? its no more haunted than that thing behind … never mind.

Pure hokum, throw in the trash and forget about it.

I agree that it is highly unlikely but there is such thing as cursed objects. I had a friend who picked up a velvet cloak at a lawn sale and when she put it on at home she was suddenly struck with thoughts of suicide, terror, anger, and the like. Her companion had to remove the cloak from her for she couldn’t do it herself. She experienced immediate relief and they burned it immediately. The speculation was that it was the cloak of a Satanist. She did say that the woman who sold it to her gave her a bad feeling.

I think that there is a difference though between an object/place that might have an evil spirit and something that is allegedly “cursed”. From what source of information are people getting this stuff?

BURN IT! Some of you people sound like you don’t believe in demons? Read the new testament again. Paul wrote heaps about it. Satan is real and he has his own kingdom. He wants to be a god. Satan has a counterfeit for as many of the Gifts of God that he can. If aprons and clothing can touch St Peters skin and then be taken to the sick for healing because it’s carrying the Holy Spirit (praise God) then some other physical item can be cursed or be made to carry an evil spirit. Satans forces are no match for Gods of course but we can’t deny this stuff just because we don’t understand it… They are spirits living in the spiritual realm. We don’t know enough about it but we should all be able to acknowledge that it’s real.

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