you know how curses can run down family lines from things such as free masons or heavy occult, witchcraft and other certain ‘religions’

We all know that Yoga is bad for us because of the Hindu religion etc… I remember a priest saying (and he is very well known and respected) “YOU CANNOT SEPARATE THE EXERCISE FROM THE RELIGION” so that means you can not just use the exercises without being affected.

What about martial arts? My husband wants to start a mixed martial arts class at the gym but its just the exercises, i really want to make sure its ok.
anyone know much about it and where the church stands with this?

I’d like to know KNOW know… not just opinions

thanks :smiley:


Here’s a post on the Spiritual Warfare Q&A that you might find helpful:

Is martial arts okay?

I haven’t heard of any Church documents that address martial arts, but there are documents on new age and meditation:

on the “New Age”

On Some Aspects of Christian Meditation


Can you do similar stretches, but modify them, and call them by another name? Who knows, maybe you can patent your own pilates stuff? Who would know the difference?


you know how curses can run down family lines from things such as free masons or heavy occult, witchcraft and other certain ‘religions’

**No, they can’t. That’s mere superstition.

This would be true ONLY if we were not born again in Holy Baptism.

And if we’re born again, then the curses–whatever and however many–are broken.



Perhaps not at the point of baptism, but, there could be family members who still carry it with them, and pass on tendencies, as well as misfortune which the child would bear due to his association with that person.

We all know families particularly blessed, as well as some plagued with misfortunes, don’t we? I believe a faithful person can break a curse, the same way they can carry on, or increase grace or blessings.


Actually, they can but the “curse” is essentially generational harassment by demons. They have been known to claim sins of occult involvement/freemasonry among someone’s ancestors as grounds to oppress people. This type of harassment is not necessarily broken by Baptism.

Curses can also be placed on us by those participating in witchcraft. A curse is nothing more than a request made to demons to attack another person. Because demons exist and because our words have spiritual consequences, it is not “superstition” to believe that it the actions of another could cause spiritual problems for us. Fr. Gabriel Amorth, chief exorcist of Rome, says that many of the exorcisms he performs are for people who have been cursed.

Fortunately such “curses” can generally be broken through prayer and remaining in a state of grace.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog


Words of wisdom, “becky”. I’d like to add… AND by asking Our Blessed Mother for her special protection… and praying the Rosary.

There is a big difference between being superstitious… and believing in the existance of the devil, and his intent to harm us. he probably spends a lot of time… trying to convince people that he doesn’t exist… because it’s easier that way, to get them to sin.

Ask Our Blessed Mother for her protection. The enemy hates Our Lady. And will have little to do… with those under her protection.

Holy Mother of God… who by the Merciful Love of Jesus… made our Mother, too… pray for us. :gopray:


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