Cursillo in Christianity - Anyone been?


I am recently realizing that my faith needs help. A little jump start if you will. I called my parish priest and he suggested a Cursillo in Christianity weekend. It’s a 4 day journey and it sounds wonderful. I’m wondering if anyone has attended a Cursillo weekend? Please share your experience if you can.

Jesus, I trust in you



I have been to one of those, but good friends have been to and they really recommend it. I have joined CRHP retreat (Christ Renews His Parish) which is originated from Cursillo. It really helps me a lot, and I see good fruits from this retreat.

Welcome to CAF, Christine.


The Cursillo weekend is indeed an amazing experience. It is a time of prayer, sharing, and a series of very inspiring talks. It also usually includes some very good food. :wink:

The key to it though is to know that there are other small sharing groups available for afterwards since the “fourth day” (the rest of your life) is what the weekend prepares you for. If your priest recommended it I would expect there would be other groups active in the parish.

Highly, highly recommended. It was a key step in my own journey that ultimately led me to the Secular Franciscans.



Cursillo is definitely worthwhile. My experience may not have been as “mountaintop” as that of many others. The weekend is only a start. Growth continues with weekly meetings, called reunions, in which Cursillitas help one another on the journey. There is a saying that there is not such thing as a Lone Ranger Christian. This is a chance to experience what that really means.


I made Cursillo about eight years ago, and it has had a tremendous effect on my spiritual life. I enjoyed the weekend itself, but the followup (weekly meetings and finding a spiritual director) are what really made the difference.


I just lived my Cursillo this past weekend on the encouragement of my wife. She lived Cursillo in 2001 before we knew each other – we met while serving on a parish retreat which is modeled a bit after Cursillo and we began dating after serving on a second retreat together. Then we got married a led a parish retreat together.

Cursillo was even more powerful for me than those retreats. (Although finding my wife was more special;) ). I am interested to hear if Christinex5 actually lived a Cursillo herself after posting to this forum. Are you still out there?

De Colores!


I’m still here :slight_smile:

My Cursillo won’t take place until November but I am constantly digging deeper into my faith. I have joined a bible study group and we are currently studying a book on The Virgin Mary from Scott Hanh. Thanks so much to everyone who responded with encouraging results from their Cursillo. I’m anxious and very excited to go. I will definately report how it went.

God Bless you all
Jesus, I trust in you



De Colores-will be praying for you
like ACTS, CRHP, Renew and similar retreats, this one is about first renewing one’s own spirituality, and through that recognizing and using one’s gifts from the Holy Spirit to build up the Church, primarily through serving in one’s own parish ministries and apostolates, so openness to that commitment should be part of the attitude in which we approach the retreat.


De colores! Will also pray for you. What are your weekend dates?



I am very happy for you! I read “Hail Holy Queen” by Scott Hahn. It’s a great book.

You are in my prayer.

ps: what is “De Colores”?


YES!!., that’s the book we’re reading. It’s wonderful! I’m learning so much. Thanks for that!!!

Jesus, I trust in you



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