Curt Schilling not happy ‘bloody sock’ game cut from Red Sox-Yankees ’30 for 30′


I never knew the “S” in ESPN stood for “Stalinist”.


Is Ray Lewis still on ESPN?


So far as I know, he is, though to my knowledge, they haven’t yet edited him out of any Ravens Super Bowl highlight films.


Well, no. All he did was beat the he-- out of his wife. It’s not like he did something heinous or anything. :rolleyes:


Why is it Stalinist? What does Stalin have to do with this?

Aren’t there other games that are more important.

I haven’t looked at the list, but I am sure Pedro’s 17 strikeout game is there.

I feel sorry for this person. I still find it hard to believe he killed Lloyd. Although it is a remote possibility, I hope that some evidence would emerge that would decisively exonerate him, but the evidence presented in his trial is so strong against him.

Still, watching Patriots games makes me feel sad because I could no longer see my favorite tight end.

I think you are thinking of Ray Rice. Ray Lewis was the one who was supposedly involved in a murder. I personally do not think he was involved.


I think you are thinking of Ray Rice. Ray Lewis was the one who was supposedly involved in a murder. I personally do not think he was involved.


Because Stalin is known for airbrushing “inconvenient” people from official pictures. Prominent examples include Leon Trotsky, founder of the Red Army, and Nikolai Yezhov, the Naval commissar.


Ah, yes. That was Ray Rice. Both played for the Ravens (blech!), thus my confusion!


Curt Shilling is a beast on and off the field!


ESPN is owned by liberal Disney and they have a history of attacking conservatives.


Curt Schilling wasn’t fired from ESPN for having so-called conservative beliefs. He was fired for the utterly classless manner in which he conveyed those beliefs.


Half of ESPN’s lineup is sports reporters and ex-athletes expressing their opinions in utterly classless manners. ESPN is MSNBC if you add a few more black people and some sports highlights.


Could you give me an example of someone on ESPN doing so that normal people would consider reprehensible or “classless”?

I do not spend much time watching pre or post-game shows. Anyway, the big money in professional sports media goes to licensing the broadcasts of games, which range in the hundreds of millions per year. That is ESPN’s main product and what its audience really value, not any commentary it may provide.

I trust statistical analysis more than the opinions of former athletes, and if I want some baseball analysis, I could just go to Fangraphs.


Latias, Stalin killed millions.

As to someone who killed only one person, Aaron Hernandez was found guilty by a jury of his peers - the same sort of jury no one got under Stalin.

Have you ever read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich?

As to everyone else, Curt Shilling was a good pitcher who, like many athletes, had his day and then proceeded to lose every dollar he ever made, albeit maybe on less high living and more bad investments than many others. Maybe. I’m vaguely uncomfortable with the way he was treated, but only vaguely.


Some further thoughts:

  1. Regardless of what people think of Disney, IMHO it is exceedingly dumb for any media personality to run their mouths about any subject unrelated with why their employer hired them, but particularly about something so loaded that they’re bound to offend a large segment of viewers no matter what they say. Schilling was engaged to be a sports commentator, not a political commentator. If what you say offends half your viewers, and is done gratuitously, you can and should expect your employer to go berserk when that employer is in the business of attracting all viewers, regardless of political affiliation, in this case, sports viewers.

  2. If this was a liberal commentator who said something anti-Christian, my guess is very few on this board would be sympathetic.

  3. IMHO schilling is just another ex-athlete who no one really cares about much anymore. Further, he is a common stereotype: the ex-athlete who blew all his money. Athletes who kept their money, or parlayed their athletic success into business success, like, say, George foreman or Fran Tarkenton - can pretty much say whatever they want - because they’re self-employed, and will reap directly what they sow for their conduct. Seems like Schilling didn’t know that, or forgot it at a very inopportune time.

  4. I also expect Schilling had a contract that specified what, as a commentator, he could and couldn’t do or say. He probably breached it. He’s a big boy who had a prior run in. If so, he could expect to be edited out of the video in question. Too bad, so sad, curt.


I said the evidence against Hernandez was overwhelming, since I actually listened to some of the trial. I must commend the prosecutors for crafting a robust case. I initially found the verdict ridiculous (and still find it so) that he was not guilty of deliberate premediation, but he was convicted under the theory that the act was characterized by “extreme atrocity or cruelty”. Assistant DA William McCauley called the killing “efficient” (1:07:45), which suggested that the murder did not involve an attempt to make Lloyd suffer (thus, for a murder, it did not constitute “atrocity or cruelty”). In a small but trivial way, the verdict is somewhat insulting to the prosecution, but of course, the prosecution would certainly be satisfied with a conviction. The prosecution demonstrated that Hernandez orchestrated the murder beyond a reasonable doubt.
I still feel sorry for him. I really liked Hernandez. The music in the video reflect my mood for Aaron.

Hernandez was convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd. There is also a double murder trial that happened outside the Cure Lounge in Boston.

Stalin may have committed crimes, but I am convinced that Stalin did not commit “mass first-degree murder from 1934 to 1941” to use the words of Robert Thurston and did not deliberate plan or exacerbate the pan-Soviet famine of 1932-33. You don’t know much about the Soviet legal system either, except from anti-communist innuendo. According to the propaganda, there were very few people guilty of either criminal acts, destroying Soviet property, or trying the subvert Soviet power.

Regarding Schilling, does anyone not find this juxtaposition of Muslims and Hitler classless?


You really think transsexual activists are a large segment of ESPN viewers? Not seeing it.

I’m not sure how that’s relevant. Nobody on this board can fire anybody at ESPN. A lot of us remember when ESPN anchor, Dana Jacobson said “F*** Jesus” at a public event in Atlantic City. She was suspended for a week. I’m just going to take a wild guess that Christian NASCAR fans are a bigger part of ESPN’s audience than transgender activists, but nobody at ESPN gets particularly riled up if they get offended. And let’s not even talk about how they ragged on Tim Tebow.

I guess I can see why he got fired (not really, but I’ll play along), but I don’t see why he got cut out of an historical video. It would be like editing Franco Harris out of the “Immaculate Reception” for making a comment on social media. It’s a non-sequitur.


Can you provide a few examples of what you are referring to? In other words, provide actual examples where reporters said something as classless as what Schlilling did, and where the network did nothing about it? Or are you just trying to excuse Schilling’s abhorrent behavior by trying to deflect the blame?


Isn’t whether or not something is “classless” or tasteless a matter of opinion?


So you are a moral relativist? In that case, there really is no point in defining “obscenity”. I just know it when I see it.

I posted a link to a Curt Schilling Twitter post about Muslims and Hitler. Since there is no objective standard for deeming whether that posing is “classless” or “tasteless”, your reaction to it might not say anything about that posting, but it would say something about you.

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