Cussing In God's name


:frowning: I would like to hear how you all handle this dilemma I’m sure you all are confronted with almost daily.
The general population cussing in God’s name, and yet they dont even know God, but they use His name for venting anger, frustration and surprise. I hear it almost daily, where ever I engage in conversation. It really sickens me, and I dont know how to diffuse it.
I have tried so much with my own mum, but now realise, she doesn’t even know she’s doing it. Funny thing though she doesn’t do it, if I take her to mass, so is it a habit or a choice?
Please be honest with me here, really how do you tell people, they are your work collegues, staff, bosses, teachers,children, other parents, associates, sporting parents, everybody, the people you only know a little bit.
If I can’t get my own mother to stop, I’m going to have buckleys with the rest.
Should I be so worried about this?. I find it really offensive,
I appreciate and thankyou for your responses.



Pray for them, offer a sacrifice to appease Gods anger, and if you are in a situation to tell that that “using the Lords name in Vain” is not necessarily using it in a “cussing” manner, but rather using It in a context that is not prayer, teaching, etc, then that is vain. If like, I like, use the word, “like”, like this, I am using the word like in vain. Use that example


I swear…it is a bad habit and like all habits it is really hard to break.

I know who are the Chrisitans at work and have come to realise they DO NOT swear or take God’s name lightly. One colleague pointed out this to me gently and privately and I was deeply ashamed as I did not even realise it

If I swear around them I am almost instantly aware of my transgression and offer up a pray for forgiveness.

I find it very helpful at morning prayer to offer a prayer up to remind myself for the day…

The non Christians do not care and will think you weird to even worry about it…offer up a prayer for the offense and for enlightenment by God.

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