Custom rosaries

For a while, I have been carrying my late grandmother’s rosary beads. They came to me too late to know much of their history, but I like to think that her brother, a priest, probably blessed them for her. But I’m worried about losing them, so I’m getting a spare set that I hope will someday be an heirloom in their own right.

So I just ordered a custom rosary from the Sisters of Carmel website. It will have cobalt blue glass beads, nickel silver crucifix and parts, and a side medal of St. Raphael, for whom my parish is named. It’s fitting - Raphael is the archangel associated with healing, and I have found healing there. Also, my son received his sacraments there, and I hope he will keep and use this rosary after I pass on.

Does anyone else have a rosary from the Sisters of Carmel, or another custom rosary maker? Are you happy with the quality of it? Do you have any stories to share? Or pictures? When mine gets here, I’ll post a picture, if I can figure out how. Thanks!

Congratulations. No, I do not have one of their rosaries but the appear to be very high quality. I have read their website many times and I believe they make very strong rosaries with quality materials and rosary bows. In addition, the testimonials are quite impressive.

Enjoy! I look forward to seeing the pictures. God bless you.

I make custom rosaries for people (and schools)…have made over 2000 of them. I don’t keep pictures of them though…
It’s a fun and rewarding hobby…

I’ll bet it is! :slight_smile: Was it a difficult skill to master? I have always been all thumbs. I’m sure it’s a rewarding hobby and business. What materials do you use?

Thanks, and God bless you too! :slight_smile:

I own the crushed rose petal rosary. It smells amazing and leaves the scent on your hands for hours afterward.

I would love to learn how to make rosaries. I already do jewlery beading so I sorta got a head start.

lalindsay225 have you considered checking your church and seeing if they have a Rosary makers Ministry? My Parrish down here has one, I just have not had the time as of yet to go.

Thanks, and God bless you too! :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea, but no, we don’t. It might be worth checking with nearby parishes, though. We have a prayer shawl ministry instead.

I like the idea of a rose petal rosary, but I’ve had unfortunate reactions to the rosewater perfume some older ladies wear. I’d hate for a rosary to affect me the same way. :slight_smile:

I use sterling and gold eyepins…base metal as well, and Swarovski crystals, genuine stones like malachite, or Picasso jasper, etc. Sometimes silver beads…used to do wood from the Holy land, but you have to buy such a large quantity, I quit buying them.
I don’t make them with glass beads anymore. The crystals look so much better and have a heavier, better feel to them.

Yes, I ordered a rosary from the Sisters of Carmel a few years ago, and it was well made - top quality. I just gave it to a recently confirmed family member, and I’m sure it will serve him well as it did for me.

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