Custom Rosary?



Here’s probably a strange question-
I was wondering if any of you ever came across a rosary or maybe a form of one, that has an extra bead for the Glory Be and maybe the Fatima Prayer too? Since I’ve been including the Fatima Prayer after each Glory Be after each decade, I thought how nice it would be to have a bead for each of these. I always felt it a bit weird when praying the rosary that there’s not a bead for the Glory Be and I end up praying that in between beads (decades) on the chain. So, that would add 12 more beads to a standard rosary for these two prayers, after each decade and the first 3 Hail Mary’s.

Has anyone else ever thought of this or do I just think too much? I’d be interested to hear others thoughts on this idea.




I’ve never heard of such a Rosary, but it probably would not be too difficult to make one. There are also people worldwide who make Rosaries for people (there is such a group at my Parish). I see no reason why they would not be willing to make a Rosary as you describe.

But if it ever gets lost, let’s hope it’s not found by someone who will be leading a Rosary - everybody’s gonna be all confused!


Wow, David, very nice idea your parish has there with the group of rosary makers! I never heard of that one, but what a great thing that is.

I’ve actually been fiddling lately working on learning to make my own which makes me appreciate the craftsmanship in the professional versions as so far it’s not quite as easy as I was hoping. I’ve mostly been using string and beads so it’s not so breakable as I like to carry them and pray them when I walk.

So far, I haven’t found anything that is pre-made with those extra decades either so I’ll have to keep practicing!




Well, here it is, my first attempt! I call this my “One Decade Fatima Rosary”. I love my 1 decade I already have which I carry all the time-I’ve prayed a lot more since doing this.

I figure a 1 decade like this would be good too as it has all the beads, I’d just back up per decade for the next decade and I’ll know which one I’m on by the mysteries.



Here’s my latest more heavy duty homemade “fatima” rosary! I made the Our Father beads bigger and used small silver beads for the Glory Be and O My Jesus prayers.


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