Customer with gun stops stabbing at Home Depot


WZZM 1:42 p.m. EDT
March 25, 2014

(DETROIT FREE PRESS) - An Eastpointe man suspected of shoplifting from a Roseville store stabbed a loss prevention officer with a contaminated syringe and didn’t stop slashing with the needle until a customer pulled out a handgun and ordered the man to drop the syringe, Roseville police said today.

A customer with a concealed pistol license saw the incident, pulled out his handgun and told the suspect to drop the syringe and get on the ground.

Silva stopped fighting and sat down in the parking lot, police said. When he heard approaching police sirens, he jumped up and ran. The loss prevention officers allowed him to run and police officers arrested him without further incident.

The citizen, who told police he wished to remain anonymous, told police that he got involved because the suspect was so violent and appeared to “be getting the best of” the loss prevention officers. He said he feared if he didn’t get involved, the suspect was going to kill one of the store officers, police said.

The wounded loss prevention officer was treated at a local hospital. Neither he nor the good Samaritan was interested in a media interview, Berlin said.

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Handled beautifully. So glad the armed stranger was there to help, had a good head on his shoulders, and remained calm the entire time. Could have turned ugly very fast. I hope he is rewarded for stepping in like he did. We need more people like him


Well, I guess it’s time for knife control…:rolleyes:


[quote=SuperLuigi] Well, I guess it’s time for knife control…

More knife control measures wouldn’t have done anything. We need stricter dirty syringe control laws, tbqh.

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Perhaps a sign letting people know that the place is a dirty syringe free zone. :rolleyes:


Before we are too quick to discount the idea, have you heard of a single injecting whilst in a dirty syringe free zone? I for one, have not.




Definitely a good thing that the person with the concealed carry was there.

But - and I think about this all the time - did you ever realize how many “weapons” are in one of those big home improvement stores? I’m reluctant to bring my daughter to one any more, and I’m constantly taking stock of who’s around me. There are saws, hammers, huge razor blades for scrapers, chainsaws, pneumatic nailers (guns!), toxic chemicals (acids, caustics, and worse)…whatever section I’m in I’m trying to think of the potential hazards (and watching out for crazy people). Is there something wrong with me?




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