For those who aren’t aware of what has been going on recently, their is a growing trend on Twitter called Cut4Bieber. Sounds scary huh? Well believe me it is and once you take a good look on Twitter you will be disturbed. Apparently singer-song writer Justin Bieber was caught smoking weed. I don’t know if this is true or not but regardless some of his fans are cutting themselves as an attempt to make Justin Bieber stop doing drugs. I am very disturbed with this trend and I’m pretty sure you will be as well. This is heads up to those who interact with social media. Again it’s quite disturbing and if you are a parent be sure you child or teen don’t come across this. The trend has pictures of slit wrist so please take it easy folks and enjoy the rest of your Monday.
Your cat, Tobey

Wow. What is wrong with people??


I just found this forum looking up info about this twisted trend on social networks. I am really sad. I don’t understand whats going on. Maybe it’s some kind of joke? Are kids really doing this? And if this is a real life trend, who started all of this? I read something about a site called 9gag, but I don’t know.

My main doubt is how our children are exposed to these sick and twisted ideas and how could parents put a stop to it.

This was a hoax started on 4Chan. Kids weren’t really doing this and the pics were fake.

sigh, if only people would be half this fanatical when it came to Jesus.

oh lol i just saw your post after i posted. well its a good thing this particular incident is fake. but the sad thing is there have been other times in history where fans did crazy stupid things for some pop star. for example people ACTUALLY killed themselves when elvis died. :sad_yes:

That sounds about right. When I first read the OP, I thought, it had to be a hoax else I’m sure I would have heard about it via some mainstream news source. And all these hoaxes seem to originate on 4Chan.

Actually, no one is quite sure where the hoax originated. There are 4chan members blaming 9gag, 9gag members blaming 4chan, 4chan members claiming credit saying they started it while posing as 9gag members, and 9gag members claiming they started it while posing as 4chan members.

What we do know is that it is a hoax, or at least started as one. The cutting pictures were all images that had previously existed on google search. HOWEVER, there is no known indication at this time that other girls have not picked up on the posts as a reason to commit self-harm.

4chan has been discussing expanding the hoax to include “[expletive] for bieber”, encouraging girls to get pregnant and have children out of wedlock to SUPPORT him and his freedom to do drugs. This would, hopefully, NOT be as prone to being interpreted as a good idea by his fans…

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