I’m tired of moral dilemmas, dissenting Catholics, and ignorant Catholics who want to know if they can just baptize their kid “generic christian” in the Catholic Church because they want non-Catholic godparents and don’t really want to fool with all that Catholic stuff.

So, instead, I am posting today about the totally cute zebra print scarf, gloves, and hat set I bought today.

This is a cuteness only zone. I am on sabbatical from CAF apologetics. Only happiness, sunshine, and bunnies allowed in this thread.

So, tell us, what happy things have you encounted lately? My scarf set is definitely happiness-- I love cute winter stuff!


Going to lunch at the in-laws now, which is also happiness because I don’t have to cook!


I’m not used to you posting like this…I like this side of you! :smiley: This thread is too ‘‘cute!’’ :slight_smile:


My family’s little bichoodle is a cutie. I saw her yesterday and that made me happy. Now that she’s realized I don’t live there anymore, she’s so excited to see me instead of treating me like a piece of furniture. Though she was always a daddy’s girl. Dad is definately her preferred human.

Also I have this insane allergic reaction to my husband. Every time he enters the room, I hug him.


Cuteness you say?

I have a ton of chipmunks living in my yard and there are two that seem to have chosen each other as best buddies, I’m not sure if they’re male and female or what but…anyway they are always together.

This morning I was walking out to the garage and spotted a fuzzy brown ball, and as I got closer I realized it was the two of them all cuddled up together, asleep, with a walnut they were working on eating between them. It was adorable!!

I like this cuteness idea. :thumbsup:


I agree. One of my dogs came out and said hello this morning by kissing me on the nose. She was cold.


My daughter’s homecoming photos are pretty cute :thumbsup:


I have the leopard print version of your cute hat set. The scarf is like a little neck wrap and the hat is a cloche style–my favorite.

Cutest thing around here right now though is the poodle in his sweater because he just went to the groomer and then we had a cold snap.


Oooohhhh, leopard print. I bet that IS cute!

Just thought of another happy thing. The barn cats had kittens and there is a very sweet, fluffly little calico that is going to be promoted to house cat… she’s very cute.

Also in the hapiness category: It’s cold here, but sunny and sunny is good. We have had lots of clouds and rain… and it’s great to see the sunshine. Makes me want to go for a long walk… wearing my new zebra hat!!! :slight_smile:


Some of these cross-breed names are hilarious.


When you find yourself quoting canon law at the dinner table… it’s time to start your 12 step program.

Cuteness is the first step. ha ha!


Cats are cute!


While it was storming here last Monday, I watched one particulary tenacious member of a family of hummingbirds who live in a tree in our backyard struggle to remain hovering close enough to our hummingbird feeder to get a meal in spite of the bad weather. The poor little fellow would get close and then some hard rain would catch him the wrong way and down he would go! He never hit the ground as far as I saw, he just really had to work at getting to the feeder! And after a few times of being knocked around without getting anything, he retreated to the tree (about 10 feet away), got his bearings, and came back again for another try. It was adorable. I almost wanted to go out there and move the hummingbird feeder to the tree, but I don’t think its thin branches would’ve supported it very well since the storm was already whipping it about pretty regularly. Anyway, eventually he seemed to figure out that he could hide under the overhang from the roof and stay dry and get food from the feeder, since the feeder hangs off one of the gutters on the side of the house. I was pretty happy to see that. I imagine this is quite a monumental discovery in the life of this particular hummingbird! “Oh, look…no more rain! I’m a genius! I can’t wait to tell the rest of the tree about this!” :slight_smile:


My 4.5 month old just learned how to “blow raspberries” on my shoulder. Every time she does it she cracks up laughing for about 5 minutes. That has to be pure cuteness.


More important discussions are calling:



*It reminds me of those commercials advertising for a different type of search engine…someone says the word Oklahoma, and the other person starts reciting everything they know about the word Oklahoma…ever see those? lol Are you doing this with canon law, now? :smiley:

Here’s something cute…one of my kitties dressed in a pumpkin halloween costume. I don’t think he thinks it’s cute…but we do. :p*


About 2 wks ago,I came out of the confessional and sat by my grand-daughter Emily.She asked, what I was doing in “that room”.I explained a little about this Sacrament.She then ask if she could confess that Ashley(her older sister),had been mean to her,I told her no,but that she could confess that she got mad at Ashley for being mean to her.She did’nt go to confession.:smiley:


My DS has started giving high fives and blowing kisses. He was in a very good temper all day and has maxed out the cuteness meter :slight_smile: Every day he looks more and more like DH <3


we have a 10 am CCD class for first communion, and an 8 am for first year on Sunday. Little Jorge has been to shy to stay by himself in the first grade class, so brother Carlos, who comes back after Mass for the communion class, has been staying with his brother to help him adjust, and is an all-around guardian angel for this class–getting books, handing out supplies, giving his own spin on the gospel stories, and definitely a hero to his little brother. So he ends up attending 2 classes plus Mass every Sunday, but explained to me gravely “it is important for Jorge to come, Miss, he needs to learn about Jesus.”


I’ve been looking at shoes a lot lately ( :wink: at Liza)… And I think these are totally cute:



Those are cute but I have been thinking about these and think they are also cute!

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