My little one said something that sounded like mama. :love: He also has found his feet and find that they taste good!


:love: Those ARE cute! :slight_smile:


awwwwwwwww now THAT is cute. What a lovely thing to witness:)


I can only dream of cute shoes. These size 8EEs of mine only wear grandma shoes.


But I am living vicariously through your cute shoes… :slight_smile:


Wow 1ke is a girl?

And what is 8EE? I’ve never heard of it.


Why does everyone think I’m a guy???

I don’t get it!


It’s the direct, concise answers with very little fluff. And your name is gender neutral. :smiley:


Size = 8

Width = EE

That means you can paddle boats with my feet, they are very wide.


I have the opposite problem when it comes to shoes and that is just as irritating. (extra narrow) >.<

Also, don’t feel bad, I often get accused of not being “girly” enough by my husband and friends. What does that mean anyway?!


Maybe 'cuz 1ke looks like Ike (ike) not “one KE”. Another poster had a sig that had something about surviving Ike (the hurricane, I later realized). I read it as 1ke and wondered why someone had to survive you! :blush:


Back to cuteness.

When my cat wants a treat she meows so only her tiny bottom teeth show. Seeing her little bottom teeth reduces me to mush and I can’t say no.


I also think Bootsana is cute.


Aw. :o


Nice thread! :wink:

Well I went on a little shopping excusion yesterday for some new winter clothes. First time I’ve gone clothes shopping all year, in fact. I got a cute black sweater at Target, some patterned opaque tights and a really nice outfit at Old Navy. It’s a pale pink wool pullover sweater with a v-neck, and a dark gray & ivory lace camisole to go underneath. The cami goes under the sweater and you can see the lact part peeking from underneath…it’s very, very cute. :slight_smile:


My baby girl is just covered in cuteness… all over… it’s a mess. I just melt when she starts jabbering…


I wear size 12, try looking at Nordstrom. If they dont have it but someone makes it, they will find it for you and on sale the prices are usually under department stores prices. I’ll never have to wear mens shoes again…except for combat boots.


I’ve got a new phone for practically free with a new mobile contract. It’s thin and matt black with a piano black keyboard and some silver linings. It reminds my old phone in everything, but it’s simply more advanced graphically, musically and so on and looks far nicer, slick and with a lot of class and so on. Plus, I get to wake up to the melodious sound of harp. :wink:


You know, I’ve had some really bad luck at Target recently. The last few shirts and pants I’ve bought from there have problems with the stitching. It starts to come undone and then I have long threads hanging off me. Their hems just aren’t done right and so after the first or second wash it’s over. :frowning:

I’ve had some good luck at a place called Dress Barn. (Which doesn’t just have dresses, but has some very nice work shirts.) Their pants are a little pricey though so I went to Burlington Coat Factory instead and their pants were half that price. Still though, Dress Barn has the prettiest shirts!


Wow, those are cute! Do you think they come in a men’s 10 1/2?


(Just kidding!! I couldn’t help it–it’s very early here :slight_smile: )


Cute eh? Well, I found this on photobucket a while back. :shrug:
Laura Lewis uploaded this image to

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind carrying this little bundle on me head… and to think I’m a guy.

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