Cutting Edge Ministries

Is this an anti-catholic group; they have been sending some really weird stuff to my daughter, like the Pope’s cross being bent, etc.?

Nobody answered you yet, and I don’t have an answer yet either. I don’t know if I can get one, since they don’t post their belief on the web page. I would follow your instinct, my instinct tells me that they might just be AntiCatholic. The question is if your daughter is strong enough in her faith to be around them.

May our Lord Jesus open your heart and give wisdom to your daughter.

In His peace,

To answer your post I went to The Cutting Edge Ministries Web-site. I didn’t take long to find out what they teach about The Catholic Church.

Here is an example of their hatred.

Tell your daughter to place their hate writing in the trash with the rest of the garbage. is from South Carolina, from Michigan from Pensilvania Georgia from Europe and Pensilvania
there are a few dozens more…

Are they all connected? I don’t think so, but who knows. Not all these websites seem to have the mission of being AntiCatholic

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